Sunday, March 28

Textiles, and a Primitive Cupboard!

This is a great handmade cupboard we bought on our last trip, it has such an early look, and could be used in so many places. I just love it!
Here are some textiles we bought in Pa, that are handmade by Judy Robinson, from Lancaster, Ohio. Judy does wonderful work and has been featured in Early American Life.
Both of these are done by American Crafters.
Jen at Just Country!


Andy said...

your primitive cupboard is beautiful!!! I love it! The textiles are wonderful too! Wish there were such goodies in Oklahoma!

Sherrie said...

Love the new cupboard Jen!!! As soon as we got home today I curled up in my chair with Judy Condon's new book and I though it was great!! Thanks for getting it to me so soon. We had a great week-end!!
Have a good week. Hugs,Sherrie