Friday, March 25

Just Pics!

In a prior life this was a butter churn.
I had this basket of flowers on a previous post but never told you, our basket weaver Sonya, just turned 79 in January.....don't you tell her I told ya!
Wanted to share our dogwoods in bloom, think I post pictures of this every year, don't I? Yawn!!!
Just Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, March 20


Jen at Just Country!

Friday, March 18


We have really sold alot of bunnies this year, we still have a few left, but not many......and we just got the garlands in this week, they are awesome!!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, March 12

Back in Stock!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, March 11

Just Stuff....

This picture was taken in the buttery.
This is a little corner piece from Primitiques, love their grubby finish!

And a little spoon holder, how cute! Well not cute.....more like cool!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, March 9

Look What Just Came In!

You've been asking.....6 Hour Timed Pillars.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, March 6

And the Winners Are......

This is a neat pouch Dee made from an old feed sack.

Just now drew for the door prizes, and the winners are....Jared Reid, Raeford, Leslie Palm, Asheboro, and Meredith Cagle, Troy, NC. Congrats!
We had a great turnout, and the weather was perfect! Think it was like 71 degrees.....ahh....Nothin could be finer than to be in Carolina.....
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, March 4

Tomorrow is the Day!

Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, March 3

More Pics

Yes, Herb got another table finished.Jen at Just Country!