Tuesday, January 27

Headin to Pa!

My good friend in Michigan, BrunieMae (www.saltboxfarm.com)
and I(aka Addie) are heading to Pa in the morning, and the weather seems to be a little iffy!!! Herb and Dee will take care of the shop while I am gone, and I will return late Saturday Eve....thats if I don't get snowed in! Was fixing dinner and UPS brought 5 boxes, so guess I better get finished packing and see what is in those boxes.
See ya when I return!

Here is another TROUGH!!!

I got this pic of another trough today, don't you just love it???

Sunday, January 25

Sherries Shelf

Sherrie got one of our new shelves we just got in, and has it hanging and decorated all ready, if you know Sherrie, she doesn't mess around, anyway, wanted to share her pic of her shelf, all done up. Enjoy!

Friday, January 23

New Dollies!

Here are some dolls we just got in, one of them is Nurse Nancy, the other one is American Abigail.

Thursday, January 22

Just In!!!

Took a couple pics today of some of our new things....thought you might like to see.

Tuesday, January 20

We Got SNOW!!!!

Your not going to think this is a big snow, but for us here in NC it IS!!! I didn't get this taken until this afternoon, it was even prettier this morning. Was making soup, and watching the inauguration, so didn't get out there until later.

Monday, January 19

Another Shot!

Back From Ohio!

Well, we just got back from Ohio last night, and it was even colder there, than here!!! We had a good time and found some new things for the shop. Dee and I worked all day getting some of it out, but we still have alot more work to do. Whew....seems there is always something needin done. Gotta love this job!!!!

Our spring open house will be on March 7, which is the first Saturday in March.

Wanted to let you see some shots of some of our new things.

We got the neatest little corner shelfs that are freestanding and done in a wonderful primitive finish, you can do so much with these.

Wednesday, January 14

Cynthia's trough

Cynthia just sent me a pic of her trough, I had forgotten how cool it was!

Nice Cynthia!

Friday, January 9

Still shots of Tallowberries

Broke some of the tallowberries down into smaller bunches, they look so pretty, had to take some pics of them today.....you know they are in a shell,and it pops open and under that shell is the pretty white berry....some people call it Charleston popcorn.

Thursday, January 8

What a Mess!!!

We had alot of wind here yesterday, and look what it did, it took down an old pine tree, that we knew needed to be taken down. Actually Chad and Herb were going to take it down last weekend, but I mentioned the house needed powerwashed and it was so warm out, they opted to do that instead(actually Chad did it, Herb did the garage), and yesterday Mother Nature took care of the tree. Luckily it didn't hurt anything, was awful close to the propane tank though, which we just had filled. Guess we know what Herb will be doing the next couple of days....you will hear that chain saw a buzzin! Thank you Mother Nature, I was kinda worried about them taking that big old thing down, it was huge.

Tuesday, January 6

Hog Troughs

Ok, now your gonna know I am weird, but I have some company on this one! One of my favorite pieces in my home is my hog trough, and in the almost 12 years I have had the shop, I have sold about that many hog troughs, and everyone that has bought one, just loves it. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to post pics of some of the ones I have sold and of mine too. I have a picture of mine and one of Sherries, and hopefully some of you will send me pics of yours to post....Cynthia? Rena? Kay? Janet? Let us see, Please???

Saturday, January 3

Heres another cupboard we just got in.

We just got this piece in the shop this week, its a real cute prim piece, has a little piece of punched tin on the door. I would probably call this a chimney cupboard.
It looks a little shiny in the pic, but its really not.

Friday, January 2

Just Got this hoosier style cabinet in!

Just got this in and wanted to share a pic of it!!!