Saturday, February 28


We got some more samplers in and they look so old and are done so well, I want one of each, there are probably about 12 different designs, I love them all!

New Candles and Samplers!

Guess you all know, I am a sucker for a good candle, well, I have added a couple more lines, can you believe it? Pretty soon they will call me the candle store...well, actually I have heard that already, a couple times. Anyway, the crow candles came in yesterday, and I am burning one of the Tandles right now, and it smells wonderful! I got Brown Sugar(sweet brown sugar), Cinnamon Apple( ripe red apples, sprinkled with cinnamon), Clove(wonderful clove scent), Country Cupboard(butter, cinnamon, caramel and cream), Early Spice Cake(pumpkin, spices, buttercream, topped with cloves), and Grandmas Kitchen(Vanilla and crushed cinnamon sticks and kitchen spices). These are really prim looking, I think you will like them!
In the top picture, you see what they call a Tandle, it comes with the holder and a candle and also a refill, and the cute cloth bag, these candles are really strong, I love the way the tandle looks burning, very cool!!!!

Wednesday, February 25

Spring Open House

Well, its just 10 days away and the orders are pouring in, we have boxes in our kitchen, boxes on the front porch, and boxes at the shop....whew!!!! Who is ordering all this stuff? We may need to put up another building! I will take some pics tomorrow when I start getting it put out, Herb is making a few things too, he is making a really nice bed/bench, a farm table, a make do cupboard, an old top and old bottom he is putting together, plus there will be things in the tent as usual.
Well, back at stress here!!!

Sunday, February 22

Cynthia's Cupboard

This is a pic of the cupboard Cynthia bought from us last week, all decked out in her pottery collection and also the light she got from us.....sure looks great Cynthia!

Thursday, February 19

Dolls and Angels

Got some angels and dolls in today, I like them because they are plain and simple.....what do you think? I got two bonnets from this lady too, and they have the same look as the dolls dress, again, plain and simple.

Monday, February 16

Brown Cupboard with doors shut.

Here is the one that had the shiny gunk on it, with the doors shut, it has a really pretty color to it, hard to tell from the picture though.

New Old Stuff!

Here are a couple pics of two new old cupboards we got in this week, one is an antique white color, and the inside is the prettiest pine, whoever had it really took good care of it, the dealer I got it from said it was southern yellow pine, the other one had that shiny, gunky brown yuck on the outside of it, which I stripped off, now its a mellow pretty pine, with no shine! Then I just took a pic of the chair and the stool table in front of the fireplace cuz I thought it looked so nice and cozy, like you could curl up and read a good book, or look at one of the great country books by Judy Condon, or Jill Peterson.

Sunday, February 15

Some New stuff!

This is something new that Sherrie has tried, this cloth is very old looking, and Sherrie has done some stitiching on the corner, they look so old and feel so old too, really neat.

Monday, February 9

Few More

Been Teekin!

Been doing a little antiquin, and found a few things, most of it needs some work, but some was shop ready, this is what I do on the days I am not in the shop, tomorrow I hope to get outside and work on some of my "projects". Believe me, I have plenty of them, and need to get them done before our spring open house.

Thursday, February 5


See the cool sugar cone? Sherrie made those and they are so cool, ya gotta have one of those!!!

I know I have been kinda lazy about posting, been waiting on that new stuff to get here.....and its trickling in....We got some more of these black star linens, a nice throw, towels, candle mats, runners, and we have placemats coming. We also got the neatest pods in,they are called Heirloom Pods....they are so prim looking, would look great in an old dough bowl, basket, or an old box.
Well, UPS just brought me some boxes, I think they are signs....will post more later!
Come See!!!