Friday, July 31

Well I'll be Dern!!!

I took this shot of the pine mantel, I had just added the fall picks, and it wasn't an hour later, I sold the sconces, they looked so nice there.....well, thats what they were there for, to sell, right? Its just they looked so dern cool!
The other pic shows the picks up close. They are pretty, huh?
Jen at Just Country!

Plain and Simple

Just snapped a pic of the mantel at the shop, I had pulled down from the hot attic the sprigs in the crock on the right, they have that "fall" look that we prim people love! Not fru fru, just "plain and simple".

Thursday, July 30

New Things in the Shop!

Been awhile since I posted last, been a busy time here. We went plundering this week and found a few things, and deliveries keep coming, so the shop is burstin at the seams!

We got some new chairs in and this black bench.

We also found the nicest old carpenters chest that would make a wonderful coffee table, it has two little sliding containers inside that held the carpenters tools, the bottom is one solid wide pine board! Its very heavy, can't imagine what it would weigh loaded with tools!
These are the neatest lawn chairs, was working outside yesterday and went and sat in one and it was so comfortable, next thing I knew I was rockin and starin....course they weren't in front of the shop, they were in the back yard. I have never seen any quite like them, have you?

Sunday, July 19

Customer Appreciation Sale Was Great!

The Customer Appreciation sale is over now, and we had a great turnout. It was a fun day, could hear lots of laughter and giggling and "Country Friends" seeing each other again, feels good to bring all your prim friends together for a day in the country and just enjoying the friendship. And just a reminder, we do "appreciate" all of you. I know we are a destination for nearly everyone and when the yard and parking lot gets full like that, it really makes my heart happy.
Just did the drawing for the door prizes and the winners are:
Pam Porter, White Oak
Libby Fisher, Whiteville
Camille Bollenger, Aberdeen
You each will receive a 25.00 gift certificate.
Thanks again!
Your Prim Friend,

Friday, July 17

Customer Appreciation Sale

I think we are almost ready, Dee, Herb and I have been working all day, finishing up and getting ready and we are there! Herb made some cute things, and I got in some really nice birch wreaths, these came with leaves, at first when I took them out of the box, I didn't think I liked them, but after some fluffing and some rain hitting them, they are wonderful(which reminds me, I never brought one home!), Herb made a pouting chair, a little table top bench,(sold two as soon as he brought them in the shop), and the bed bench. We will have some things under the tent, and several things have been marked down, so check it all over really well. Took a pic of the wreaths and the pouting chair(thanks June for telling me about these), see ya tomorrow!
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, July 14

Cutest Little Pine Cupboard!

I picked up the cutest little pine cupboard this week, it has such a good look to it, I love old pine! I picked up a few other things and I will be putting them out for the Customer Appreciation Sale on Saturday, we will open promptly at 10. Hope to see you there! There should be a fun time for all!
Come see us!
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, July 13

Ever Hear of Osmocote?

I posted a picture of my little wagon, on July 3, since then I put some Osmocote on the dirt and look what has really taken off, course we have had some hot days and I water, and that could have alot to do with it too, but I think that Osmocote is great stuff. My friend Sherrie told me about it last year and ......well, just look and see. Then scroll down and look at the other pic, course this is the other side of the wagon, but still....

Thursday, July 9

Getting Ready for our Customer Appreciation Sale

Hard to believe its already July 9! Our Customer Appreciation Sale is just 9 days away! Right now it looks like its going to be a hot one, course in 9 days that can always change. Maybe I should get some more lemonade just in case!

Its been a busy time here at home, we had replacement windows put in and we still don't have everything back in place, who would have thought getting replacement windows would be such a mess? Not me!!! It will all work out in due time. Not getting too excited just yet.

We just got in some more of the stained tablecloths from Family Heirloom Weavers, and some other throws and table squares in Herringbone, also got some of their towels, they are really nice!

Still looking for some new old stuff, seems to go almost as soon as we find it. There will be lots to see, so mark your calender!

Friday, July 3

Happy 4th of July!!!

Hope ya have a safe and wonderful 4th of July holiday, remember we will be closed, will open back up on Sunday at 1.

Thursday, July 2

Post Office Sorter

We just got this post office sorter in, was used to sort mail to the different towns, its dated on the bottom, 1938, so its older than me, imagine that!!!
Jen at Just Country!