Saturday, March 28

A Few New Old Things!

  • I took a pic of a few of the older things we just got in the shop, the pair of childs chairs we got in Pa, they are so cute and in such good shape, the tag when I got them said they were from the late 1800's, not sure if they are, but they are definately very old, there are two of them.
    Also just got this really nice and different old barbers cabinet in, we have had some smaller ones in the past, but this one is on legs, Herb put little lights in it, so the treasures you fill it with will be seen, CUTE!
    We also just got in this pie safe. SOLD!

Thursday, March 26

These Are MINE!

Well, sometimes when your buying for the shop, you "need" to get something for yourself, and I was "needing" these firkins in a bad way, and Herb, well, he always says"Go ahead, you deserve it", and he didn't have to say it twice, the mustard one is a really nice old one with copper nails, but the paint isn't all that old, probably from the 80's, but the blue one, well that paint is OLD, real old and dry, so it had to come home with me from Pa. I am kinda proud of these two! And had to share.

WooHoo!!!! Look what we found!!!!

We made a dash to Pa this week, and look what we found!!!! Course it needs some work, gotta get that greenish yellow spray paint off there, and need to scrub it down, add hind legs so it will stand and put shelves in it, before all that happens it needs to stop raining!!! Should be shop ready in a week or two. Will post a pic when we get it ready.

Oh, the life of a shopkeeper and her poor hubby! He always says hes driving Miss Daisy.

Well, I need to get in gear and start unloading that the rain.

Thursday, March 19

More Towel Holders!

This one is an old ice hook.
This one is a mule bit.

Towel Holder Make Dos!

We like to make towel holders out of all kinds of different things, this is a stirrup.
Dee came up with this last week, this is a canner, which she made into a towel holder, pretty neat, don't ya think?

Saturday, March 14

Just News!

Just wanted to post a pic of a couple things we have in new this week. One is a jelly cupboard we found this week and the other is a lantern bracket that Herb made from old NC tobacco sticks. It looks great with the old lanterns we put lights in. We also got more of the Black Crow candles in, more of the clove, Grandma's Kitchen and also Log Cabin.....I LOVE the clove candle!!!

Looks like we may be in for a rainy day tomorrow, so come to the country and see whats new!

Wednesday, March 11

Another Trough!

This pic was sent to me by Rena. this is the last trough I sold, sold it at the Christmas Open House, doesn't it look wonderful?

Great job Rena!!!

Sunday, March 8

Open House Was Fantastic!!!

Thank you all for coming to our Spring Open House! It was a beautiful day and we had a fantastic turnout!!! I love to see all our customers all talking to each other, and just having a fun time, some even go to lunch, then return for some more shopping, maybe pick up something they have decided they just had to have. Many of our customers have become friends with each other. It just makes it all worthwhile!
The winners of the door prizes are:
Sherry Kneppler, Cary, NC
Julie Dewitt, Ellerbe, NC
Monica Reid, Raeford
Congrats!!! Will mail them out this week!
Thanks again to all of you!!!!

Friday, March 6

What Herb has been working on!

Here are some pics of some of the things Herb has been working on, he says he wishes he had more time to do more, seems there is never enough of that, is there? Also on the farm table you can see a pillow that Jennifer did, we got some things in from her today, she does nice work.
Dee has brought in some cool things too, she always finds the neatest things.

Kati and Marna's Handdids

Oops, that bottom picture wasn't supposed to be on there, that was a sampler I ordered. Leave it to me!!! In the top pic, one of their bunnies is on the shelf, course the flour cloth tuck was done by Sherrie, and the shelf is handmade.

Thursday, March 5

Some Handdids!

I didn't find many of Marna and Kati's things, they musta been hiding, will take more of them tomorrow. Enjoy!

Here are a few Handdids that came in today, will take more pics tomorrow.

Samplers and topiarys

Well, we are getting ready, Dee and I, and Herb, and even Josh(our neighbor), worked today and its all coming together. Dee's been doing some fine tuning, Herbs getting his projects all finished up and Kati and Marna from Winston Salem brought us some really neat prim Easter hand dids, which I need to run to the shop and take a pic of, also got some neat hand dids I ordered from a gal in Pa. Heres a couple shots and will post more in a bit.

Tuesday, March 3

Another New Candle

Got the other new candles in today, burning one right now, Citrus Grove, the other one is Lavender & Herb, they really have a good look, as you can see, would look good in one of our bubble vases(Need to check and see if they will fit, these are big candles!), or under one of the cylinder sleeves. More for you to look at on Saturday!