Thursday, March 26

WooHoo!!!! Look what we found!!!!

We made a dash to Pa this week, and look what we found!!!! Course it needs some work, gotta get that greenish yellow spray paint off there, and need to scrub it down, add hind legs so it will stand and put shelves in it, before all that happens it needs to stop raining!!! Should be shop ready in a week or two. Will post a pic when we get it ready.

Oh, the life of a shopkeeper and her poor hubby! He always says hes driving Miss Daisy.

Well, I need to get in gear and start unloading that the rain.


Char said... that hog trough!...are you keeping it for yourself...cuz I sure do need one!...LOL

Sherrie said...

Well Miss Daisy, so glad you and hubby are back safe and sound....and with some "goodies"!! You are going to make someone happy! Hope to see you soon,you and hubby take care! Sherrie

Cherry said...

Jen looks like your trip was successful. Can't wait to see what you pull out of the trailer.

Jen said...

I already have a trough, and I wouldn't take anything for it, I love it!!!! This one will go in the shop when we get it "fixed" with shelves, etc.

Jen said...

Hey Sherrie!
Was so nice to get home and sleep in our own bed, with my pillow!!!!
See ya soon GF!!!

Jen said...

Hey Cherry
Got most of what we got up to the shop today.
Lots of boxes, some handdids, couple baskets, couple grain measures, wire baskets, a bench, got an amish buggy seat in red paint, think we will save that for Christmas open house, me two firkins, one in old paint....since I never get paid...well, guess this is my pay!!!!