Sunday, January 31

We will be closed tomorrow!

The shop will be closed tomorrow, the parking lot is like a skating rink and the Hoke County schools are going to be closed, so we will close too. I think that will be pretty much a rule of thumb, if the schools are closed due to the weather, then the shop will be closed too. I don't want to take a chance of anyone falling and getting hurt.
We will be open again on Thursday,Feb 4.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, January 30

State of Emergency!

Well, Governor Purdue just declared a state of emergency and said for people to stay home, so Just Country will be closed today. The highway seems very quiet and we all know, thats unusual for Hwy 211. It sounds like tomorrow will be a bad day too, so if you decide to venture out, give me a call. I think its best for everyone to stay in where its warm, but I am just a jaunt across the yard if someone does venture out, give me a call and I can be up there, but I am not advising it.
I am sure the parking lot is a sheet of ice. It seems the wind may be picking up some, hope the power doesn't go off.
Guess its a good day to stay home, have some comfort food and burn a good smelling candle!
Be Safe!
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, January 19

Good Ol January!

Can you believe that January is over halfway gone? Its a bittersweet month for me. On the 2nd, I turned 60, not sure how thats possible, but it is. Also 5 years ago, in January, my double nickel year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was quite a year, but I survived and I am alive and kicking, and loving life, and family. Anyway, I just want to say how important those mammograms are, thats how they found mine, and it was triple negative, which isn't good, so please, please, get your yearly exams! It can save your life.
I will be attending several markets in the next month or so, to find new things for the shop, and we are hoping to make a trip back to Ohio and we will antique all the way there and back!
We are planning our Spring Open House for March 6. So there is alot going on the next month or so.
Got a couple pics to share, one is a farm table Herb just finished, and the other is a neat old cupboard that I think would be great to set a tv on. It has great wear to it!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, January 14

As Promised!

This is the star bookmark candleholder.
Jen at Just Country!

Back in Stock

We got these little candle bookmarks back in stock, and we also have some with stars on them, they really have a great look, I forgot to take a pic of the ones with the star, maybe I will get one taken later.
We are supposed to get near 60 tomorrow, won't that be nice? I don't remember it being this cold this long for awhile.
Next week I will be heading to the market to find more things for the shop, will meet some of my cyber shopowner friends there, that will be fun, will see BrunieMae, Cherry and Liz, and who knows who else? Looking forward to it. Hope we find some great stuff!
We are getting in some new things though, so stop out and see us!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, January 10

Bring The Warmth of the Past Into Your Home!

A small old table, couple windsor style chairs, some lindsey woolsey and a pewter candlestick, grab the new Judy Condon book and slip into the past.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, January 9

The Warmth of Home!

We received part of our order of the newest book by Judy Condon today, and although I haven't really got to look at it very much, what I have seen I really liked alot, looks like another winner. In this cold weather we are all having, snuggling up with a book full of eye candy, is what we all need! The story on the last page about the cat is so funny, got to love that!!!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, January 1

Rose Bowl!

Well, our Buckeyes won the rose bowl, today I cut two yellow roses from my bush in the back yard, we have had some cold weather, but these two were hanging in there, then the Buckeyes won the Rose Bowl game......were the roses an omen? Maybe so!
Anyway.....GO BUCKS!!!!
Any Buckeye fans out there?
Jen at Just Country!