Tuesday, January 19

Good Ol January!

Can you believe that January is over halfway gone? Its a bittersweet month for me. On the 2nd, I turned 60, not sure how thats possible, but it is. Also 5 years ago, in January, my double nickel year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was quite a year, but I survived and I am alive and kicking, and loving life, and family. Anyway, I just want to say how important those mammograms are, thats how they found mine, and it was triple negative, which isn't good, so please, please, get your yearly exams! It can save your life.
I will be attending several markets in the next month or so, to find new things for the shop, and we are hoping to make a trip back to Ohio and we will antique all the way there and back!
We are planning our Spring Open House for March 6. So there is alot going on the next month or so.
Got a couple pics to share, one is a farm table Herb just finished, and the other is a neat old cupboard that I think would be great to set a tv on. It has great wear to it!
Jen at Just Country!


Barbara said...

Congrats old friend on that 5 year thing! And belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY my old, old, old, old friend...LOL
Luv ya everyday! Blessings

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Happy belated birthday and congratulations on 5 years of "cancer gone". Everyday is precious. I, too, can't believe January is almost gone, last year flew by and this one is gaining momentum too.

Joyful Blessings