Saturday, January 30

State of Emergency!

Well, Governor Purdue just declared a state of emergency and said for people to stay home, so Just Country will be closed today. The highway seems very quiet and we all know, thats unusual for Hwy 211. It sounds like tomorrow will be a bad day too, so if you decide to venture out, give me a call. I think its best for everyone to stay in where its warm, but I am just a jaunt across the yard if someone does venture out, give me a call and I can be up there, but I am not advising it.
I am sure the parking lot is a sheet of ice. It seems the wind may be picking up some, hope the power doesn't go off.
Guess its a good day to stay home, have some comfort food and burn a good smelling candle!
Be Safe!
Jen at Just Country!


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Stay warm and safe Jen!!

Sherrie said...

Oh yeah, you got the right idea for a day like today..We have no snow but the trees are all frozen and it is still a very cold mist of something coming down. Worried about the low temps tonight and hazardous conditions tomorrow. Stay warm and cozy my friend and enjoy that homemade soup and wonderful smelling candles. I have 4 going and the prim smell is wonderful!! Warm hugs, Sherrie

Saltbox Farm said...

Sounds like you're getting Michigan weather Addie! Stay in and be safe....we have shopping to do next week!!

Anonymous said...

OMG my husband and a friends dad turned 60 on Jan 3!!!
Victoria Principle also turned 60
on Jan 3. WOW!!!!

NE Ohio