Wednesday, October 29

We are getting ready!!!

Well, Dee, Herb and I are working hard to finish by Friday minute Dee looks at me and shakes her head, the next minute she says she thinks we will be ok, well, we have pulled it off 11 times, this will be our 12th open house, I think we will make it!!!!

Have to tell you something funny, the first open house we had, hardly anyone came, there were a few of the consignors there, and one of them, June Kemp, said she was going to put on a clown suit and stand in the road to make people pull in. Sure glad those days are behind us and we have found such wonderful prim friends and customers!!!! And of course as the years passed, we have grown and found more and more wonderful sources to bring to you, that first year was just a little sad!!!

Will be taking pics in a couple days to post, think you will be pleased, and wait until you see the "Red Shed", it has taken on a whole new look, you will love it!!!!!

This is what my truck looked like Monday.