Thursday, November 20

Snowguy and Gameboard

Dees Kitchen Gadget Wreath

I took a pic of one of Dee's kitchen gadget wreaths today that she made for a customer, seems she sells them as soon as she gets them made, can see why! They are really cool!!!

Tuesday, November 18

First Friday Frenzy!!!

First Friday Frenzy!
December 5, 2008
One Day Only

Mark your calendars, December 5, we will be having a First Friday Frenzy! We will have refreshments, drawings, and our usual sale, this will be one day only, Friday, and we will be open from 10-8.

Sunday, November 16

Noodle Board

Herb made a couple of noodle boards, I think he did a great job. What ya think?

Sunday, November 9

Red Shed Redo

I never did post a pic of the Red Shed, the picture just doesn't do it justice, but will post it anyway, we did the walls in Shutter Brown, and just stained the ceiling and painted the floor, but it really cozied it up, several have wanted to move in, anyway, if you haven't seen it in person, ya need to comesee!!!

Tuesday, November 4

Dee's Cheeseball

We had several people asking about Dee's Cheeseball, here is the recipe:
8 oz. chipped beef(chopped in blender), best if you use the kind that comes in the jar
2 -8 oz. cream cheese pkgs.
1/3 cup creamy Italian dressing
roll in chopped pecans
refrigerate one day before serving
serve with wheat crackers