Friday, May 27

Have a Safe Holiday!

We are open Saturday 10-5, and Sunday 1-5, closed on Memorial Day.
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, May 24

More Americana and New Old Dry Sink.

Jen at Just Country!

Monday, May 23

My Heart Aches

My good friend Brunie, (Saltbox Farm), her shop burned last night, its a total loss. No one worked any harder than she did at her business, its so sad to see it all gone and now a rubble.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, May 22

Just Pics!

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, May 21

Show Your Colors!

Georgia brought some American things in today, and I love the flag in a jar that Dee did up, with a battery taper in it. Soon it will be Memorial Day, then will be the 4th of July, time to show that red, white and blue to honor those that have passed so we can be free. Our military gives up so much for us.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, May 19

Summer Issue/A Primitive Place

Never thought I would be posting again so soon, but the mailman just brought the new summer issue of A Primitive Place! Looks like another good one.
Jen at Just Country!

Tool Chest!

Have you wondered where I've been? Its been crazy here, we gutted our living room, and had dry wallers redo the walls, then as soon as they finished, we decided instead of doing the Cameron show, we would make a mad dash to Ohio to see my "Mom" for Mothers Day. Then when we came back my son Chad and Meredith got married! So needless to say, its been a little busy. Hoping things settle down and I get back to my blog. SOLD!

We just got this tool chest in the shop, it was a funky color when we bought it, so I sanded it down and repainted it, I think it glowed in the dark before! This would make a wonderful coffee table, and you could hide all your magazines and "stuff" inside! It has the original hand forged handles. Its heavy, can't imagine it full of tools!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, May 14

Summer Mercantile Gatherings is Here!

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, May 11

Spirit of Country!

Just went out on the porch and guess what was there, the new Judy Condon Book, Spirit Of Country! Supplies are limited!
Jen at Just Country!