Sunday, April 26

Getting Ready For Cameron!

Did any of you make it to Liberty? It was a pretty good show, saw lots of good country stuff there! It sure was a hot day, I went on Friday, got there about 8:30 and by 2, I was BEAT! The heat really took it out of me.

Now we are getting things ready for Cameron this Saturday, hope the rain stays away for that one day, last I looked they said 30% chance. YUCK! Its no fun to be there in the rain, I know, it has happened to me more than once!

We will be set up behind Miss Belles in our regular spot, next to that little white building. Come see us! And yes, the shop will be open.

Wanted to show you a couple things that I have just recently gotten in, one is a doll made by my friend Linda, in Pa, and the other one is a horse made by another Pa. artist, they both do great work.

Wednesday, April 22

More Pics

Its been one heck of a week here, Saturday night, I was getting ready for bed, went to brush my teeth and there was no water!!! We had no indication we were running out of water, at first we thought it was the pump, but after an expensive pump installation we were told our well was dry! Well, after a pretty much sleepless night, we decided to go with county water, so we won't have to worry about the well running dry again. Wow, it was no fun, believe me, I am sure many of you have been through this before.
Anyway......I took a few more pics today.

Saturday, April 18

Just Some Pics

I keep hearing,"Post more pictures", so today I snapped a few, hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 10

Candles Anyone?

I got these neat candle sleeves and the pans a few weeks ago, thinking they might work with my new grubbie candles.....wrong, the candles I got were too I went searching for a thinner grubbie, and today they arrived, any excuse to order more candles, huh? Do I have a problem or what? Anyway.....we have them in Apple Cinnamon, Cinnamon, and Vanilla Sugar. They look really nice in the glass sleeves with some rosehips.

As posted before, we will be open tomorrow, then closed on Easter Sunday.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter with your families! When the boys were small we used to have the best time hiding eggs over, and over, and over.

Wednesday, April 8

Up For Adoption

Today the UPS man brought me some wonderful handmade prim dollies, I LOVE these, I want to keep them all, but I won't, they will be in the shop tomorrow, awaiting adoption. These are handmade in Ohio and are good sized! I think you will love them too! Here are three of them.

Friday, April 3

Got The Trough In The Shop!

We got the trough in last night, and here it is!
They make such great displays, no doors to contend with, just lots of great display space! You know me, I love my troughs! Who will be the next trough member?

Wednesday, April 1

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Well, you don't have to wait until May for these. The sunflowers were out front in a wagon last weekend and there was a bee that kept swarming them, then he would land, then swarm some more, then land, it was so funny, could he have thought they were real? They do look pretty dern good.
A reminder that we will be closed on April 12, Easter Sunday.
Looks like we are in for some more rain, then Saturday and Sunday look good, then more rain on Monday, maybe it will wash that yellow pine pollen away, hope so.
Come see us!