Tuesday, August 31

Broom Corn?

Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't, and Brunie was telling me about it, and of course I just had to have some, its great for hanging on pegs, the colors are so fall looking. Just got some in yesterday.
Got some gourds in too.....dear me, I never knew how much work was involved in cleaning gourds, and now I have been waxing them, I think I have lost my mind. First you put them in water with some fabric softener to loosen the skin, then you get one of those copper scrubbers and scrub, scrub, scrub, then you put them in bleach water and scrub some more(I lost several, guess I put too much power in the scrubbing, they collapsed!), then you let them dry. Well, the other day I was Briwaxing something and tried some on a gourd, and it really gave it a great look, so.......well you know the story.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, August 30

Getting Ready for Welcome Fall, Harvest Gathering

He sure looks relaxed sitting there on the mantel, doesn't he?
Here we have a Pumpkin Gal, with her pumpkin, and old measure with Sunflower heads in it, and some prairie cloth(this looks great tied around an old canning crock).

In this picture we have a pumpkin with a witches hat and some bats flying all around! This is done by Georgia.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, August 26

Pie Safe Just In!

We just got this really nice pie safe in, I think its poplar, its a nice one, its an 8 tin one, has tin on the sides. If I had a place for it, it would be in my house, I am still looking around.....trying to decide which piece I could part with!
Don't forget our "Welcome Fall, Harvest Gathering", Sept 4.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, August 23

Headin Home!

We will be headin back to NC this morning, not excited about that long drive, but its always nice to get back home to our own bed. Hate leaving family though, got to see all my brothers and sisters this time, which is nice, and of course got to see my Momma!!!
Will be checkin on emails for the calendars and magazine, I haven't forgotten any of you.
Talk soon!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, August 22

Going To Market

Oh boy, you have no idea what its like, people pulling garbage cans on wheels, grabbing, pushing, filling their arms, long lines to pay, and while your waiting another booth is selling out, thats where Herb comes in, I grab what I can, give it to him, and let him wait in line as I move to the next booth. One booth yesterday had the coolest stuff, and I could see this scarecrow in a can I thought was so neat, but this woman was in my way, I couldn't get to him, she was just taking up space talking to the booth owner, so I asked her to pass it to me, as I saw another lady eyeing it, she said she had just had surgery and couldn't get it(well, get out of my way then!), this is when Herb sees my frustration and comes to my rescue and reaches around her and scoops it up for me! I GOT it! Hope someone loves it as much as I did. These ladies had some real original work and their booth was empty in no time. This is what your up against, people with hand carts, trash cans on wheels, long lines, we did what we could, then headed to Springfield antique show, as we walked in, this lady is packing up, storms a comin and she wasn't getting caught in it, others were putting plastic on their tables....we found a few things, but not much at all. Dern!
Got to see Barb and Giles though, they were set up at the Country Gathering building, a barn full of top notch primitive dealers. Their booth looked wonderful as usual,looked like a log cabin.
Will be heading back to NC in the morning, most of what we have will be for the either Christmas open house or the Welcome Fall Gathering on Sept. 4. So hold on! There is alot of new things in the shop though if you haven't been in in a couple weeks, lots of fall, and Dee sold alot of it yesterday.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, August 21

Simple Life Fall Issue

We have just a few of these.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, August 19

Pure and Simple, 2011

I picked up the new calendars today, they will be in the shop on Thursday, the 26th, let me know if you want one, you can shoot me an email. Some good looking pictures in it. This isn't a very good picture, I kept getting that glare, but you can see how nice they are anyway.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, August 15

Great Weekend!

We had a really good weekend here at the shop! Saw lots of friends and some new faces too, I love new customers! Most of the time when I ask how they found me, you know what their answer is? "Just Drivin by and pulled in". or this one, we hear it daily, "I have been driving by for years and today I decided to stop". We have been open for over 13 years, where have you been? I guess I am just nosey, but if I was driving by, I would have to stop and see what was inside! Anyway, glad they finally stopped and hope they come again!
Hope you have a fantastic week!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, August 14

"Welcome Fall", Open House

This will be a first for us here, we have never done a Fall open house. Seems between trips to Ohio and helpers vacations, we can't squeeze it in, but this year we are going for it. It will be on Sept 4, Labor Day Weekend. I know alot will be out of town, but those that are home with visitors can come out and shop for fall, hopefully it will be cooler then! So mark your calendars!
Jen at Just Country!

Ok, Who Took My Broom?????

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, August 13

3 Posts in One Day!

Isn't this a pretty flower? Not sure what it is, got it at Lowes on the clearance....
See the little lizard trying to make a home at the cabin?

Some new fall from Georgia.

A Vulture! CAW CAW!
Jen at Just Country!

New Roof!

We had a new roof put on our home this week, those poor guys, in that heat, but they kept plugging away. The top picture is the way it is now, the bottom is the before. The work was done by Ronnies Metal Roofs. Next week they will install the spouting.
Jen at Just Country!

Farm Table

Herb just finished this farm table, this one has tapered legs, I love the overhang on the sides!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, August 12

More Fall!

Just got these in and I just love Sandys work, don't you?
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, August 11

Big Stepback, just in!

We got this big stepback in this week, its a nice one, from the NC/Virginia border area, nice old pine. We also got another order of the big wall baskets, these are great to fill for the different seasons, here you can see one Dee did up for fall.
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, August 10

Witchie Woo!

Just went up to the shop and this witch was sitting on the table......wwwwooooooo!!!!!!
We have a strange thing happen in our upstairs bathroom, there is a medicine cabinet in there, and it has a pretty strong magnet that keeps the door closed, many, many nights when we go in there in the middle of the night, that door is open! I do my business and run back to bed and cover my head!!!! Ewwww.....wonder if I took a pic up there if there would be orbs? Ya reckon???
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, August 7

More Pics!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, August 6

Here to Greet You at the Door!

Is Willard!
There are other Fall Guys too!
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, August 3

Coming Soon!

We have these birdhouses coming in this week. Giles is making them for us and we have the exclusive on them here in NC, they will not be available at any other shop......yep, thats what they told us. He does such a nice job on them, lots of detail and they are all a little different. The top two pics you can see him putting his touches on them, then the final product!
Jen at Just Country!