Friday, August 13

New Roof!

We had a new roof put on our home this week, those poor guys, in that heat, but they kept plugging away. The top picture is the way it is now, the bottom is the before. The work was done by Ronnies Metal Roofs. Next week they will install the spouting.
Jen at Just Country!


denise said...

gotta love a tin roof. i got mine 6 yrs. ago after all the hurricanes in florida. i love it!!!

Saltbox Farm said...

The roof looks fantastic Addie!!

kitty said...

I love the roof. Looks great.

kitty said...

Love the new roof. Looks great. If I see something posted in your pictures, can I purchase via the phone or internet?

Kitty Jacobs

kitty said...

I love the roof. Looks great.

Jen said...

We mail things to customers quite often, what is it your looking at?