Sunday, May 30

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone!!!!

Nah, not the Rolling Stone, even better than that!!! Our friend Giles log cabin birdhouse is going to be on the cover of the Fall issue of Merchantile Gatherings fall issue. Looks like a great issue and its to be released around June 25, and its going to have 8 more pages than its had before. When they get to the shop, I will let ya know!
Heres how you can order a log cabin from Giles.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, May 28

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I want to thank all our military and their families for all you do for us, and all the sacrifices you make to keep us safe here at home.
Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.
We will be open Saturday 10-5, Sunday 1-5 and we will be closed on Monday.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, May 21

This is too cute not to post!

My sister, Shelley sent me this, click on it, so you can read her shirt.

Jen at Just Country!

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

With Memorial Day approaching, its time to show your colors! We have an array of Americana items and tea dyed flags to decorate your home and your porch. We just got these cute Americana mice in, holding a flag. Aren't they cute? Come see us!

Jen at Just Country!

Monday, May 17

A Simple Life

We just got Jill Petersen's new magazine in, A Simple Life.

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, May 15

Strange Happening!

Today while at the shop, I see this car pull over, and stop in front of the shop, the window goes down and this lady is taking pics of the front of the shop, then she pulls up a little ways and takes pics of our sign? Then she pulls away. I thought that was really weird. I wanted to tell her to come inside and see all the goodes inside the shop, but she was gone. Isn't that strange? Why wouldn't she come inside? She really wasn't real far off the road, and we live on a busy highway. I am still trying to figure it out.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, May 13

Just Pics!

This is a sawbuck table, Herb made from old wood.

Neat prim cupboard in old paint, with a goat bell hanging on the front.

Pine stepback, not ancient but has a great look! And some old tinware in a tote.

Been taking some pics of different things in the shop today. The heat has returned in its full glory! Its 86 right now. We really need some rain. Anyway....enough of my whining.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, May 10

Ready for Memorial Day???

These flag runners look great on farm tables, and thats the largest yellowware bowl I have ever come across. Herb found some old boards and made a few more noodleboards.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, May 9

A Wonderful Mothers Day!!!

Wow! What a wonderful Mothers Day I have had today! It was all possible by these guys and Meredith, sitting on our back porch. They fixed a fantastic meal, the weather was perfect, and the only thing that could have made it better, would be if Mom was here! Shes in Ohio with my brothers and sisters though, so I know her day was blessed too. I told these guys that I think Mothers Day should be at least twice a year! They just smiled. Last night Casey's girlfriend, Jessica was here, that was nice too, shes going to school to be a nurse and today she had to work at her job. Wish I had gotten a pic of her too, will get one next time.
Anyway, I hope everyones Mother's Day was as wonderful as mine was!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, May 8

Happy Mothers Day!

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, May 1

Cameron Antique Fair!

Day one at the Cameron Antique Fair is past, getting ready for day two. Yesterday wasn't real busy, I don't think alot of people knew it opened at noon yesterday. Lots of fun was had by those that were there though.
Today would be a great day to get out and do some antiquing. Today it runs from 9-5.
My friend Sharon took some neat pictures, and they are on her blog, check it out.
Someone was in the shop last week, asking about bird houses, I saw several booths with some wonderful ones, there were some nice ones in front of the Ferguson House, next to Barb and Giles, also Giles had made some fantastic bee skep houses, and of course his log cabins. There is a mix of handmades and antiques, so there is something for everyone.
And of course stop and say "hey" to Herb and I!
Jen at Just Country!