Thursday, May 13

Just Pics!

This is a sawbuck table, Herb made from old wood.

Neat prim cupboard in old paint, with a goat bell hanging on the front.

Pine stepback, not ancient but has a great look! And some old tinware in a tote.

Been taking some pics of different things in the shop today. The heat has returned in its full glory! Its 86 right now. We really need some rain. Anyway....enough of my whining.
Jen at Just Country!


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh such eye candy!!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful prim filled pict's with us.

Cherry said...

Jen, I love everything especially the old painted cupboard. The tin ware is really a treat to see it all grouped together. Tin ware a favorite of mine.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh jen the old painted cupboard is awesome...oh how I wish I lived wouldn't be seeing it


FayeRaye said...

Jen, I love your blog....I think we are near one another~~~ I am in Southern Pines~~ Faye

Jen said...

Your about 10 minutes away, come see us!

Pat said...

I just love your shop, hoping to get down that way real soon to visit. You have some great vintage and new stuff too. Really love the way it looks.

Pat said...

I just love you shop, you have so many great vintage and beautifully made new stuff. One day I'm going to get down there to visit your place. Keep up the good work. thanks for sharing your stuff with us.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

Love the tinware in the tote. So cute!

Have a great day!