Friday, September 30

Fall At Cameron

This is the poplar/walnut 12 tin pie safe we just got in, its not shiny, thats from the flash.

This is a chimney cupboard Herb made from and old door we had, I love it, he outdid himself on this one. The doors pegged.
Another one of Herbs farm tables and a bench he made. One of the vendors made the comment that we brought that table last time, had to tell her hes probably sold 25 farm tables and it certainly wasn't the one she saw last time.
A primitive green cupboard we just picked up.
Herb will man the show tomorrow and I will be at the shop. Supposed to be fall like weather, and I don't know about you, but I am glad!
Do you ever look around your home and think about what all is Made in America, and what is imported? I am proud to say that with the exception of our electronics, just about all our home decor and furniture is Made in the Good ol USA.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, September 26

Brown Crocks?

Jen at Just Country!

Just In.....

Yes, its a hog trough, we have had this one for a bit, it needed some TLC, and Herb gave it some, so now it ready for your home.
Cameron show is this Saturday, Herb and I will be there on Friday and will be selling at noon, then on Saturday, Herb will be at the show and I will be at the shop. The forecast seems to be great, so far, supposed to be cool! I am ready!!! Its been a long hot summer, time for some cool fall days!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, September 22

Holidays At A Country Home

Has just arrived!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, September 10

New old Cupboard!

Wow, we have been selling alot of furniture, everyone getting ready to nest for the winter? We just got this cupboard in the shop, we think its chestnut. Its heavy, glad its two pieces.
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, September 6

That Man of Mine.....

Hes been looking for a big wagon for me for several years, and yesterday he brought one home that he will build around, which will make it extra special, this is the before picture. Hes a keeper for sure.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, September 4

Fall Open House.....Huge Success!

We had a great turnout at the Fall Open House, thank you all for coming! Everyone seemed to have a good time, I know I did. We got lots of compliments on the way the shop looked and I have to admit it did,but most of the credit for that goes to "Decorator Dee." She sure has the Knack! Thanks Dee.
Just did the drawing for the door prizes, and the winners are......Sherry Williamson, Raeford, Sheryl Scott, Aberdeen and Libby Fisher(finally.....Libby is a winner.....yay!).
Wanted to share something a customer and I were talking about this week, she was telling me the solar landscape lights are great to use when you loose power, she said to just take the top off and it will light up a room! These are very inexpensive and with this being hurricane season, they would be a great thing to have.....just in case. Just a little tip.
We will be closed on Labor Day, hope you all have a safe one!
Thanks again to all of you that came from near and far for our Fall Open House.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, September 2

One More....

Jen at Just Country!

Few More......

Dee brought in this glass butter churn.
Jen at Just Country!

Fall Open House, Sept. 3

We are ready for fall,even though the temperature is HOT! Today was unbelievable, was like a sauna. See ya tomorrow at 10!
Jen at Just Country!