Friday, September 30

Fall At Cameron

This is the poplar/walnut 12 tin pie safe we just got in, its not shiny, thats from the flash.

This is a chimney cupboard Herb made from and old door we had, I love it, he outdid himself on this one. The doors pegged.
Another one of Herbs farm tables and a bench he made. One of the vendors made the comment that we brought that table last time, had to tell her hes probably sold 25 farm tables and it certainly wasn't the one she saw last time.
A primitive green cupboard we just picked up.
Herb will man the show tomorrow and I will be at the shop. Supposed to be fall like weather, and I don't know about you, but I am glad!
Do you ever look around your home and think about what all is Made in America, and what is imported? I am proud to say that with the exception of our electronics, just about all our home decor and furniture is Made in the Good ol USA.
Jen at Just Country!


Lee Hill Primitives said...

Wonderful pieces , love the second one.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed shopping at your store!! I'm the one that didn't want to leave. I will be coming back. Thank you!!

Jen said...

Heather, Glad you found us, and hope to see you again soon! Was funny that you didn't want to leave! Made my day!