Friday, September 2

Fall Open House, Sept. 3

We are ready for fall,even though the temperature is HOT! Today was unbelievable, was like a sauna. See ya tomorrow at 10!
Jen at Just Country!


Barbara said...

Whaaaah! I wanna be there for the Fall open house! Looks like you have lots of cool goodies, Jen. Be thinking of you...Blessings from The Cabin In The Woods (NC)

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Jen, Love it all, fall is my favorite time of the year, love the pumpkins with the faces on the bed, just cute. Have a great holiday weekend. Vicky

Elisha said...

Just joined your blog... what a beautiful store you have ! i just LOVE the cupboards and esp the pie safe! And I really loved your scarecrow at your fall open house... he was perfect. Enjoyed my visit here. ~ Elisha

Elisha said...

Just joined your blog... what a wonderful store you have ! loved the cupboards and the fall open house scarecrow.... he was perfect! Enjoyed my visit here!
~ ELisha