Tuesday, August 23

More Fall!

Gourds in the Buttery.
Prints we just picked up on our trip to Ohio.
More Prints.....
This is a pumpkin hangar done by Georgia.
Ghost Wreath done by Georgia(Shes a very busy woman, huh?)
Pumpkin doll by Georgia.
Hanging Crow Doll.
Witch on a pumpkin by Georgia.
The shop is full of fall, and we have just returned from Ohio, where we picked up some new things. We have shelves, some bucket benches, night stands, end tables, sofa tables, small cupboards, well, ya just need to come see.
Jen at Just Country!


Angela said...

Wow Jen, We are planning a vacation soon to Ohio, hope I can find lots of neat goodies when I go. I don't have a shop or sell on my blog so all my shopping will be for ME. There are no prims in my area at all so I am so looking forward to this trip. Any good ideas on where to visit? Love all the items you showed. Makes me want to drag my fall items out. But we are still having awfully hot temps here in the south.

Jen said...

Where are you going in Ohio? I went to the wholesale market that is for shopkeepers to buy wholesale for their shops, there is a wonderful shop in Washington Court House(my hometown), if you happen to be in that area.

deb said...

what a fun blog you have!!! Love all the prims!!!