Wednesday, August 17


Today we were at an antique mall, and we weren't finding alot, we got to the last row and were finishing up when we came upon this booth with some old boxes and behind the boxes, on the floor was the most wonderful little red tote, (I am a red person), it was diveded into 4 sections and the wear on it was just perfect! I picked it up and looked, knowing it would be way more than I could afford, but there was no price. I take it to the desk and tell the lady what booth it was in, and ask her to please call the vendor and find out the price. She gave me this strange look, then said to me,"I am going to go ahead and price this, the owner of that booth passed away". Then she said to me, "Is $15.00 ok?" I had mixed emotions, but of course, I said "yes". It was a bittersweet purchase, knowing the vendor was no longer with us, but I knew whoever it was, was glad the little red tote had found a happy home. Tomorrow is our 43rd wedding anniversary, and I have a very special "red tote" to remember it by.

Jen at Just Country!


Cynthia said...

Jenny and Herbie,
Happy anniversaary!

Also, I love the tote (Neet)


annie said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the color and the way it's made.

Barbara said...

Those are the best kind of "finds", Jenny! Hope you and Herbie have had a good trip, so far. Love ya!