Saturday, December 29

Things From Scottie's(Dee's Sister) Home

Here are some pictures of some things Dee's sister Scottie got from our shop.

                           Here she took a tool tote she got from us and used it for her threads.
          Scottie bought these boxes and used them to display some of her treasures.
This cupboard Herb put together and Scottie got it for her fabric stash.
Jen at Just Country!

Dees Home with Things from the shop

Dee sent me some pictures to share with you of things she has from here at the shop, wonderful shots of her home.  Thanks Dee!
This Santa was done by Brunie

  •                                     This ones by Brunie.

          This santa is by Brunie.                        

This Bear is an Alta Bear.                                  
The one above is by Old Mother Hubbard.                                                        
                          This santa really pops with the tin and pewter.

                                 Jingle Bell snow in an old jar.
                              Gingerbread garland and santa from the shop.
                              Think this is a Jimsey Bear.
                               I know the bear at the desk is a Jimsey bear.
                                Arnetts Santa.
                     Pie safe and broom and snowmen are from the shop.
Looks wonderful Dee, thanks for sharing with us!

  • Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, December 27

Just News....

Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas, we sure did, Herb and I flew to Ohio and surprised Mom.  While there I got to see all my brothers and sisters and their families, we had a great time!  We got out of there just in time before the snow got bad.
Most of the Christmas that is left has been marked 1/2 off the original price.  This does not include consignment items, and a few other items.
Also please remember we will be closed on Monday for New Years Eve.
We have had a really good year this year, thanks to you, our wonderful customers, thank you so much for all your support of our shop!  We appreciate every one of you!
Have a safe and Happy New Year!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, December 19

Holiday Hours

Just a reminder of our hours for the holidays.  We will be open our regular hours this weekend, Thursday thru Saturday from 10-5 and Sunday 1-5, we will be closed on Christmas Eve, and we will also be closed on New Years eve, January 31.  
Wishing you the Merriest Christmas Ever!

Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, December 6

Reproduction Sheep

The old German sheep aren't easily found, but we have some nice reproductions, we also have an old fence that I bought from a dealer that was going out of business, and of course we have some bottle brush trees.  Theres a very good article in the latest Mercantile Gatherings magazine on these sheep.
Sorry about the price tags, what can I say??
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, December 4

Shop Photos by PattyK Photography

Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, December 2

Kelleys Chimney Cupboard

My sister Kelley, who lives in Ashley, Ohio bought this nice old chimney cupboard from me a few years ago, she has it in her kitchen.  Has old original paint.  A really nice old piece that looks good in her home.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, December 1

Baskets, Baskets and Jus Stuff.....

Well, no one seems to want to share pictures with I took some at the shop today...Sonya brought in some more baskets, she keeps saying shes going to retire, then she says she thinks she has a few left in her....shes one hard working woman for sure.
 First we have a pantry lamp that we just got in, its made to look like its made from pantry boxes.
 This is an old NC basket from the Marshville area, this is a nice one and a great price!
 This is one of Dee's wreaths, I love it, if your a horse person, this ones for you!
Ok, how this got at the bottom, I don't know....but heres some of Sonyas baskets, all handmade in Fayetteville.(Shhh....Sonya is almost 81).
Jen at Just Country!