Tuesday, September 29

Cameron Antique Show

Well Liberty is past and this Saturday is Cameron, and looks like the weather is going to be perfect, unless some crazy front moves in, but for now its lookin good. Yesterday I spent the day working on 3 ladders, took chunks and splatters of paint off them, now they are nice and clean and ready to hang a quilt on whatever on. We have a stepback we are taking, not a large one, this has glass doors at the top, its nice. We have an open cupboard, no doors, great display piece, Herb is making a farm table, all from old wood, this table was square before and he is making it more rectangle, using some wonderful old boards that nearly killed us to cut. Anyway, we will have some furniture that hasn't been seen, plus we will take a few that have been in the shop. Stop and say "Hey", we love seeing everyone out and about having a good time

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, September 23

Home Again-Simply Country

Just as I was getting ready to mop my bathroom, here comes the mailman with two boxes of the new Home Again-Simply Country book by Judy Condon, needless to say, my mopping got delayed a tad! Gonna go over it better this evening but it looks like another good one with lots of eye candy!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, September 11

Nice Old Cradle

Wanted to share this cradle we have in the shop with you, its a really early one, and its all hand dovetailed. In the one picture, you can see the dovetailing, and the scribe marks used to mark how deep to cut into the wood. What a nice piece of history.
If it could talk, I am sure it would have some tales to tell.
Jen at Just Country!

What have I Done?

I posted lots of pics yesterday, but for some reason no one got a link to it, I think I was clicking where I shouldn't have been, anyway, I was doing some clicking again this morning, and I am hoping I fixed it, hope I haven't messed it up even more.
Should I take my camera to the shop with me today? Think I may.
Oh, the 7th picture down is of some cards that Sherrie has done up, lots of primitive shots, you need to check them out.
I sure am lovin this weather!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, September 10

Last ones!

Bored yet?

Heres some more

Lotsa Pics!

I keep hearing, post more pictures, so today in between pricing Christmas(yes, you heard it right), I snapped pics right and left, so here ya go, get comfortable, this may take awhile...

Cameron Antique Fair

Looks like we will be doing the fair after all. We had heard that the place we set up wasn't going to participate this year, so we had pretty much decided to let it go and maybe go as shoppers this time, but the low and behold, yesterday we got our application in the mail, so looks like we will be there, in our regular spot.
Mark your calendars, it will be on Saturday, October 3.
I feel bad, someone called me the other day wanting the information so they could rent a spot and I told her they weren't doing it anymore, now I find they are, so if you read this, call me back and I will give you the information on who to contact for a spot.
Lets hope it a pretty fall day!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, September 5

The Books Are Here!

The new Jill Petersen book, The Settlement, arrived today, I am not at the shop, but the word is.....its another GREAT one! Can't wait to see my copy!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, September 4

I Think I Can....Petunia

My friend Joyce was having a fit the other day about this little petunia, growing out of the concrete in front of the shop, its hard to see because of the shadow, but we water, we fertilize and weed to have flowers, and there in the middle of concrete, I guess a bird did a hmmmm .....dropping? And up grows a petunia, wish you could see it better. I guess you could call it an "I think I can Petunia".
Remember we are closed on Monday, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jen at Just Country!