Friday, December 13

All snowmen (except consignment) are now 25 per cent off.

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Monday, December 2


This year we are keeping our regular business hours, of being closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, seems the older we get, the more time we need to get things done, it just seems to close in on us quicker each year.
So, come see us on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10-5 and on Sundays from 1-5.  As usual we will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Friday, November 15

Arnett Santa

Jen at Just Country!

Pictures by Patty K. Photograpy

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Friday, November 1

Christmas Open House

Just a reminder that our Christmas Open House is tomorrow at 10, and Sunday 1-5, the shop is running over with lots of Santas, snowmen, trees, and well, everything.  We also will have alot of reduced items in the tent, so make sure you check it out.  We also have the Red Shed decked out.  Dee has outdone herself in decorating this year.
Hope to see you tomorrow, make sure you check out our Facebook page.
This is how Dee and I feel!

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Wednesday, October 23

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Thursday, August 29

Fall Open House, Aug. 31

Just a reminder that we will be closed tomorrow to get all the fall put out.  Check out our Facebook page tomorrow night to see pictures.
Also we will be closed on Labor Day!
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Wednesday, August 7


Wasn't real hot out yesterday, so decided it was a good day to get the gourds I found cleaned and ready.  I had some in the truck, drying from the wash I gave them and it started to sprinkle, so I was taking them to the shop, and crunch, one fell out and I ran over it!  I was so mad, cleaning gourds is lots of work, and to run over a clean one, well, I was not happy.  Anyway, they are all nice and clean and no mold.....job done!!!  I love Fall!!!!

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Monday, August 5

Introducing our Granddaughter.....

Alivia Elizabeth Jones, born Aug 3, 6 #13 ounces.  We are so happy!!!

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Friday, August 2

Sonyas Baskets

Sonya is retiring the basket business, so the baskets we have in the shop are the last of her work.  Sonya is in her 80's and has been making baskets for the shop since 1997 when we opened.  She does very nice work and her prices are very reasonable.  This is what we have left.

 Below is a cupboard we just got in, its from the late 1800's, made of poplar, and the doors are put together with wooden pegs.  Its a NC piece, coming out of Davidson County.

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Friday, July 19

Mark the Date!

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Sunday, July 14

Customer Appreciation Sale Continues

We are going to continue the Customer Appreciation Sale today, come see us.
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Friday, July 12

Customer Appreciation PIcs

Dee took lots of pictures of the shop today, after we decorated, please go to our Facebook page and check them out!
Hoping to see you tomorrow!

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Tuesday, July 9

Customer Appreciation Sale

The Customer Appreciation Sale is this Saturday, July 13, from 10-5, we are making and gathering things just for you!  Remember, we will be closed on Friday, the 12th to get everything in place.
Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!
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Sunday, May 26

 This is my Uncle Glen Jette on the left, and my Dad, Malcolm Jette on the right.  They served in WW2.
 This is my Grandfather, Phillip Palmer, he served in WW1.  His sons, Donald and George served in the Korean War.
 Another picture of my Dad
My brother Steve and my husband Herb served during the Viet Nam war.
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Wednesday, May 22

Show Your Colors!

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, Dee did the farm table in the shop with one of the long tea dyed flags we got in, I love the way it looks!
We will be closed on Monday, Memorial Day.
Summer has gotten off to a rocky start for me, about a month ago, I fell and broke my wrist, I was standing on a stool, that I should never have stood on and away I went, broke my wrist in several places and had to have surgery with a plate put in and screws.  This is the first time I have had a broken bone and I sure hope its the last.  Whatever you do, be careful what you stand on, it can happen so fast and believe me, its not fun!
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day, we will be open regular hours with the exception of Monday, so come see us!
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Thursday, May 16

A Primitive Place Magazine

We just got the new issue of A Primitive Place, I think this is one of their best ones, some pretty homes, and and some great antiques!
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Monday, May 6

Books from Jill Petersen

We also have her new magazine in stock, Simple Life summer issue.

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Monday, April 22

April 22, JUS PICS

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Monday, March 25

Jus Pics by Dee

Enjoy, and remember we will be closed on Easter Sunday.

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