Saturday, May 30

The 3/50 Project!

I know you probably can't read this, so click on it and it will enlarge, its well worth reading! We can do something to help our local economy.

Friday, May 29

Minnow Bucket Tree

The girls from Salem brought this tree in the other day, its so cute, has black angels, stars and crows on it, can just tuck it anywhere in your home!

Monday, May 25

Sunday, May 24

Lamps Made by Herb

This is a fold up fly screen that Dee found, it folds up like an umbrella, its really neat and something you just don't see very often.
Wanted to show you some of the lamps Herb makes, one is made from an old meat grinder, and the other one is made from a garden tool. Cute!

Thursday, May 21

New Stuff! Two Pie Safes!

Wow, what a day.....we got a couple new cupboards in the shop, so I took a picture, and also there is a picture of a farm table with one of the floorcloth runners on it, they look really nice. Today the UPS man brought me lots of stuff, got some "Made in the USA" American flags, lots of signs, some more melts, Candles, and of course some old stuff. You can see the pie safe we picked up this week, and the other neat pine cupboard with the little tin punch cut outs on the doors.
Looks like the weather is going to be great for Memorial Day.
Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday, and remember our military and their families in your prayers.

Wednesday, May 20

On the Road Again!

What were those people looking at when I am driving down the highway? Ya reckon it was my load? Little did they know I had a little red table in the front seat riding shotgun. Ah...I love red, anything red and I am attracted to it. I guess I am as crazy for red as my friend Barb is for blue. Will be getting these things priced and in the shop for the weekend.

Come see us! Don't forget we will be closed on Monday!

Friday, May 15

Mayonnaise Bucket

Did you know they used to have mayonnaise in wooden buckets? Sure enough!!!! Take a look at this one we have in the shop and the lid. SOLD

On a Roll Here!

Have my camera and computer with me today, so I am on a roll, took a few more pics.

One is a horse feeder(thats what I was told it was), with sunflowers in it, another pic is of an open corner cupboard(SOLD), loaded with treasures, and the other is a dolly made by Kati and beside the dolly is a dasher.....or an old time agitator, used before the automatic washer to agitate clothes, we have a bonnet hanging on it, they are also cute in a bathroom to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.

Old Paint

We have several pieces of furniture in the shop in old paint, the country store desk piece, I think was probably painted in the 80's, so its not real old paint, but still has a good look to it. We have this old blue pie safe that had been painted a yellow color overtop the old blue and some dear soul scraped it down to the old blue, nice old piece, then the one big blue cupboard, that is definately old paint. We also have an old blue painted hanging corner cupboard from Virginia that is in an earlier post.

Sunday, May 10

Heres My Guys!

Heres my guys today cooking Mothers Day dinner, and it was yummy!!!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to All! Hope you have a wonderful day with your families! My boys are both home and they are going to cook dinner for me! They are both quite the chefs! They fix things I never even heard of sometimes.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! Want you to see my favorite Mom, she is 80 and doing pretty dern good! To me shes the best Momma in the world!

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 3

Couple More Shots


Cameron Spring Show 2009

Well, did we ever get lucky on the weather, all week long they talked about it raining on Saturday, I kept checking, and it really wasn't looking very good, then on the way to the show at 6 am, it was sprinkling, I told Herb, "Lets go get our stuff and pack up and come home", course he wouldn't hear of it, and glad he didn't. The weather was really nice, it even was kinda cool in the morning. There is something there I am allergic to in the spring though and this morning my eyes are almost swollen shut, it happens to me every year at the spring show, will be fine in a day or two. Had alot of people say that the vendors or down, I never really got out and wandered, just ran down to Barbs booth(Cabin in the Woods). Got to meet Betty Ann from the former shop, "Nails,Thorns, and Blessings", she was having a good time. Saw lots of my prim friends too. Anyway, I snapped a few pictures to share with you, hope you enjoy.