Friday, May 15

Old Paint

We have several pieces of furniture in the shop in old paint, the country store desk piece, I think was probably painted in the 80's, so its not real old paint, but still has a good look to it. We have this old blue pie safe that had been painted a yellow color overtop the old blue and some dear soul scraped it down to the old blue, nice old piece, then the one big blue cupboard, that is definately old paint. We also have an old blue painted hanging corner cupboard from Virginia that is in an earlier post.


basketsnprims said...

I love the paint on that piesafe!!! I have an old piesafe that someone stained in walnut & it's way too dark to suit me. You have inspired me. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jen said...

Pam, Yes, thats that old blue we all love, thats the real deal, and someone actually had painted over top of it, can you imagine? Glad it was saved.

Cherry said...

You sure have some good looking funiture.I wish that I lived closer.

Jen said...

Ahh Cherry, Texas isn't that far....LOL!!!!