Sunday, May 24

Lamps Made by Herb

This is a fold up fly screen that Dee found, it folds up like an umbrella, its really neat and something you just don't see very often.
Wanted to show you some of the lamps Herb makes, one is made from an old meat grinder, and the other one is made from a garden tool. Cute!


Bittersweet Primitives said...

Jen, that is one talented man you have there. What great ideas he has. Bet he is a keeper! Enjoy Memorial Day. Sherie

Jen said...

He does come up with some good ideas sometimes. Yeah, after 40 years, guess you might say hes a keeper!
You have a great Memorial Day too Sherie!

Saltbox Farm said...

Herb does a great job on those. Unique, one of a kinds...that's why your store is ROCKING!!!

Jen said...

Thanks Brunie! Wish I could be there this weekend for your Barn Sale!!!