Monday, April 26

Old Glory on Tobacco Baskets!

Dee put some flags on a couple tobacco baskets, looks really neat, don't you think?
Jen at Just Country!

Flip Top Table

This is the flip top table I worked on last week for the Cameron Show, when we got it, it was lime green.....ewwww....not a good green at all, so.....I stripped that off, then painted it black, then red, then distressed, then stained.....whew!!! It looks so much better this color!

Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, April 25

Cameron Antique Fair

This week we will be working our tails off, getting ready for the Cameron show. They are doing something different this year, they are letting us set up on Friday morning(April 30), then we can start selling at noon. I hope alot of vendors take advantage of this I know we will be there, and our friends from the mountains, Barb and Giles will be there, so come see us! I have been checking the weather and so far its looking good, but you may want to bring some sunscreen, it seems each day the temperature is higher than the day before. Course our tent is air conditioned! LOL! It really is alot cooler in our tent than most others.....I am serious! Must be that ugly silver, not real prim but it does the trick.
Oh, and of course Saturday the hours will be 9-5, but by 4, alot of vendors start tearing down,(very tard....long day) so don't wait too long.
Come see us, in our usual spot, behind Miss Belles, beside the little white shed.
The shop will be open, Dee will be there on Friday, and Gail will be there on Saturday.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, April 24


We got this 8 tin pie safe in Kershaw, SC, it came out of an old home there. Funny, the left side is a different color than the rest of it, it must have been against a wall when they painted it. We will be taking this to Cameron this week.
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, April 20

Heres to you Grandpa!

My Grandpa used to do lawns for people, and he had a bad leg, from a railroad tie falling on it, so he would push a push cart, with his push mower, and garden tools, inside. I used to comment that I sure wish I had Grandpa's old push cart. Well, about 10 years ago, for Christmas, to my surprise, Herb had made me one. Ten years of being in the weather had done a number on it, and this week Herb fixed it back up, now its lookin good again and yesterday we put some pots of red, white and blue petunias in it. Hopefully they will fill it with lots of color.
On that Christmas that Herb presented it to me, he had put it in the side yard, with flood lights on it and had me come into the kitchen, and there it was. I must say, that was one of my best Christmas presents!! Everytime I look at it I remember that special Christmas and my "Grandpa".
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, April 9


We finally got in the willow stem lights, we had these during the holidays, and sold out, and today we finally got some more in, I tried to take a picture, but it really doesn't do them justice.

We have the willow stem ones, some pussy willow ones and a few long pussy willow ones, the long ones are for inside and outside.

Its been a beautiful day, I have had a hard time staying inside, and the pollen seems to have settled somewhat, maybe we are over the hump? I hope so. Supposed to get to 44 tonight. I must say, I am lovin this weather, hope it stays this way for a long, long time, to me this is what spring is supposed to be like!

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, April 7

Gardening Gal

Been out spreading cow manure, in the flower bed and around trees this morning, before it gets in the 90's. They are saying there is a chance for some rain tomorrow night, I sure hope we get some, between the pollen and the heat, its just miserable out there, we are supposed to cool off some, which is great news to me.
I took a pic of a Gardening Gal we have in the shop, this company was getting their work done in China, now its American made, this gal has alot of details. You can tell alot of work and thought went into her.
Jen at Just Country!