Wednesday, April 7

Gardening Gal

Been out spreading cow manure, in the flower bed and around trees this morning, before it gets in the 90's. They are saying there is a chance for some rain tomorrow night, I sure hope we get some, between the pollen and the heat, its just miserable out there, we are supposed to cool off some, which is great news to me.
I took a pic of a Gardening Gal we have in the shop, this company was getting their work done in China, now its American made, this gal has alot of details. You can tell alot of work and thought went into her.
Jen at Just Country!

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Angie said...

love the gardening gal~it's hot here too~everything is yellow with pollen~i hope to do some flower bed work this weekend when it's cool~have a wonderful day!