Wednesday, March 31

Upholstered Furniture just in!

Just got these two chairs in today, hard to tell but the one on the left is a real pretty mustard color, the one on the right is a recliner. These are made right here in NC!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, March 28

Textiles, and a Primitive Cupboard!

This is a great handmade cupboard we bought on our last trip, it has such an early look, and could be used in so many places. I just love it!
Here are some textiles we bought in Pa, that are handmade by Judy Robinson, from Lancaster, Ohio. Judy does wonderful work and has been featured in Early American Life.
Both of these are done by American Crafters.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, March 25

The Country Home

We have the new book by Judy Condon, The Country Home, another good one with lots of eye candy!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, March 24

Corner Pie Safe and New Candles!

Ok, I am a fool for a great candle, and pretty soon we may need to change the name of the shop to "Candles R US", I guess I am weak when it comes to candles, these are just too cool not to have them in the shop, so..........I have yet one more candle line. I got a few of the Sweet Annie tarts, and burned one today here at home, and does it ever smell wonderful.

We have been on a buying trip and we also picked up this corner pie safe that I had ordered back in February. The man does such a wonderful job on it, and I love the paint, its a good red!!!! I love the tins too, and how often do you see a corner pie safe? It tucks in the corner and hardly takes up any room.

We have several new pieces that we just got in. Come see us!

Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, March 16

New Buckeye Friend!

I have been chatting with a fellow Buckeye, who is moving here to NC, and on Sunday her and Dan came to the shop,and we got to meet! Her name is Karen, but I call her "Hippie", cuz she sent me a picture taken of her in the 70's and she looked like a hippie, hitchhiking. Was great to put a face with our emails. We have alot of similarities. Anyway, was fun to meet my new friend! Her and Dan are both super!
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, March 13

Looking Out My Window!

Been watching this little bluebird, he or she is getting his home ready for its family. It was almost like it was posing for me, you can click on the picture and see him up close. Then I wanted to share Edgar the Rabbit with you, he has some carrots tucked in the tote next to him. Its a beautiful day, my computer says its 65 degrees, spring has arrived!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, March 10

New Nightlight and Battery Candle

Wanted to tell you about these new battery candles we got in, when you put your batteries in and turn the switch on, it will burn for 5 hours and then turn off, the next day it will come on at the same time and burn 5 hours and shut off, isn't that neat? If you decide you want to change the time it comes on, you just turn it on at the time you want, and it will burn 5 hours and shut down at that time.
Also wanted to share these really neat night lights, they are LED, so the bulbs last a long time, I love the look of them, don't you?
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, March 9


I forgot Herb said I was supposed to post a pic of this cool purple truck that just happened to attend our open house and I wanted to share a basket of geraniums that Dee did up, we were selling these as fast as she put them together....we have run out of the greens and of course the company is sold out, but Dee is working on something else that will be pretty too, the one in the picture is the one she did for me. Don't ya love it? I sure do!!! If I can keep my guys from banging into it!!!
And what do you think of that purple truck? Is that cool or what?
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, March 8

We had a fantastic Spring Open House!

Wanted to thank everyone that came to the Spring Open House, we sure had a nice day, and I know we had a fun day, hope you all did too.
I have the names of the door prize winners, I decided since we had such a great day, I would pick 4 winners, each receiving a $25.00 gift certificate. The winners are Melody Chavis, Raleigh, Mary Brady, from Ash, NC, Rebecca Tiffany, Ft. Bragg, and Felton Campbell, Clarkton, NC.
My heart is heavy tonight, a dear friend, lost his battle with cancer today. Although I know his suffering is now over, he will be missed.
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, March 4

Dollies and Angels

I ordered these angels and dollies at market, and the workmanship on them is awesome, look at the tiny buttons on the dolls, and how did they turn that little star and get it so pointed? The lady that makes them said her 80 year old Mother sews on the buttons, that is her job. When I look at them I am amazed, they are wonderful! I only got a few, so .......well you know.
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, March 3

Spring Things!

Just ran up to the shop and snapped a few pics, most won't be out until Saturday, but wanted to just tease ya a little. I love the green chair with the acorn finials, the bunnys are in, I really wanted to keep it, but I have enough chairs, but it really tears at my heart. Check out the cute bunnies we have, these are American made!
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, March 2

Mercantile Gatherings!

Just got the new issue of Mercantile Gatherings in. Featured shop is Splinters and Rags, from right here in NC. This is a great issue and just in time for our spring open house!
Jen at Just Country!