Wednesday, March 10

New Nightlight and Battery Candle

Wanted to tell you about these new battery candles we got in, when you put your batteries in and turn the switch on, it will burn for 5 hours and then turn off, the next day it will come on at the same time and burn 5 hours and shut off, isn't that neat? If you decide you want to change the time it comes on, you just turn it on at the time you want, and it will burn 5 hours and shut down at that time.
Also wanted to share these really neat night lights, they are LED, so the bulbs last a long time, I love the look of them, don't you?
Jen at Just Country!


The Power Family said...

LOVE the new nightlights!! I might have to stop in and get a few!! Of course, I always seem to come by when you aren't there!!

Jen said...

Hey Kim,
I will be there this weekend!!!

Farm Field Primitives said...

I love the little lights!! Do you sell thing online?