Wednesday, March 24

Corner Pie Safe and New Candles!

Ok, I am a fool for a great candle, and pretty soon we may need to change the name of the shop to "Candles R US", I guess I am weak when it comes to candles, these are just too cool not to have them in the shop, so..........I have yet one more candle line. I got a few of the Sweet Annie tarts, and burned one today here at home, and does it ever smell wonderful.

We have been on a buying trip and we also picked up this corner pie safe that I had ordered back in February. The man does such a wonderful job on it, and I love the paint, its a good red!!!! I love the tins too, and how often do you see a corner pie safe? It tucks in the corner and hardly takes up any room.

We have several new pieces that we just got in. Come see us!

Jen at Just Country!


Sherrie said...

OMG,you,me and us on the candles!! You do know I have an addiction to them and there is no therapy except buy more!!!LOL Oh well, nothing like a home that has the right smell. The Fed-Ex lady delivered a package the other day and she said,"What is that wonderful smell"? It took us a while to identify the exact smell she was talking about because I had 3 different candles going!!LOL I loved it and she left with a tart to use at her home..Oh my,it doesn't get any better than this!! Thanks Jen for finding us a new candle. Hugs, Sherrie

Jen said...

You are too funny! But your home does smell wonderful, can't deny that. I am sure you will want to try these, they smell wonderful and have a great look!

The Brickhouse said...

I sell the tarts in my shop and They are GREAT! LOVE 'em! Dawn and Tom are so nice..great customer service! Ilove the hearth apple and the olde taveren and the log cabin and I just tried the sweet annie and that is so good, too.
I really like that cabinet.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing that, I am going to burn one in the shop today, will be doing eenie meenie, minie mo.....LOL! I love the packaging!!!!
Candles R Us!!!

Cherry said...

Jen, I am sooooo envious I LOVE the corner cabinet. I wanted it so bad when we saw it in Feb. I know your customers wil love it also.