Saturday, March 13

Looking Out My Window!

Been watching this little bluebird, he or she is getting his home ready for its family. It was almost like it was posing for me, you can click on the picture and see him up close. Then I wanted to share Edgar the Rabbit with you, he has some carrots tucked in the tote next to him. Its a beautiful day, my computer says its 65 degrees, spring has arrived!!!
Jen at Just Country!


Janice Hough said...

Nice picture Jen. Spring is here in our part of the world. I'll be up your way sometime this week. Janice, Amy Lynn's Creations

PrimWyoGirl said...

That is the cutest birdhouse! I can see why your bluebird wants to move in! Love Edgar too.

Jen said...

Was a beautiful day here today, huh Janice? HOpe your doing well.

Jen said...

Dee made that birdhouse several years ago and bluebirds nest in it every year.

Laura :) said...

Love the bluebird! We have some that moved in our bb house out back and we love watching them. It was almost comical watching them trying to decide if they liked the house.....the male went and looked and then the female and they went back and forth like that and we thought she didn't like it and he made her move in!! LOL!!!

Laura :)