Tuesday, March 16

New Buckeye Friend!

I have been chatting with a fellow Buckeye, who is moving here to NC, and on Sunday her and Dan came to the shop,and we got to meet! Her name is Karen, but I call her "Hippie", cuz she sent me a picture taken of her in the 70's and she looked like a hippie, hitchhiking. Was great to put a face with our emails. We have alot of similarities. Anyway, was fun to meet my new friend! Her and Dan are both super!
Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

This is too funny, I am a buckeye as well and my dh and I are moving to NC too :). We will be there in May, we are moving to Greensboro. What a small world.

Jen said...

Where do you live in Ohio? I grew up in Washington CH.