Sunday, December 28

Open New Years Day!

Have had several people call and ask if we will be open on New Years Day, and the answer is YES, we will be. Will be open from 10-5, so while the men are watching football, if your not really into football, you can come and get your primitive fix.
Yesterday we got to see our friends that now live in Carlise, Pa, Rebecca Hayes and her family stopped by on their way home from Georgia, always good to see them and their boys, who are both, ALL boy, Will found a pumpkin we had put in the woods and came out dragging it, to take back to Pa, he carried that thing about 1/2 an acre. They are both such sweet little guys!!! And they are growing up so fast.
Wanted to share with you some new dipped strands of lights we got in, but I forgot to take a picture, but will do it tomorrow, they are 35ct strands of lights that are dipped and oh so prim, they are selling like hotcakes and I will need to get in another order. Anyway, more on that tomorrow. We also have single bulbs that are dipped, that are really cool!!!

Thursday, December 18

We finally got our tree up!!!

Thanks to my pal Wendy, in Missouri, I think I can post a pic of the boys on Santas lap, this is one of my favorites, where have the years gone?
Casey made this when he was just 4, that was 21 years ago.

Seems as we get older and with doing things for the shop, every year, getting our tree up gets later and later! I was beginning to wonder if we were gonna get it up this year! Well, yesterday was the day! We finally have our tree in our living room! Putting up the tree for me brings back so many memories, our tree is not a primitive tree, its more a family and friend tree, I have so many wonderful ornaments that friends have made and given me through the years, and lots that Chad and Casey made in preschool and in cub scouts, and then there are the ones of them taken with Santa, those are some of my favorites. When the boys were small we used to go to Lazarus, in Columbus, Ohio every year for them to see Santa and to see the wonderful window displays that Lazarus used to do, they were magical! We would have the boys picture taken on Santas lap, and they were made into ornaments, I tried to take a picture, but it kept glaring, not sure what I was doing wrong, will try again later. Anyway, we now have our tree, and everytime I walk by it, I smile, remembering when the boys were small.

Thursday, December 11

As Time Goes By.....Its Here!!!

We just got our shipment of the new Judy Condon book in today, gonna hunker down with it tonight, flipped through it at the shop today, and its a good one, I noticed there are lots of pictures of bathrooms, or privvys. With the route most magazines have taken, its nice to get a book with some "real" country primitive homes in them. I think you will want to add this to your library!!!!

Saturday, December 6

And the Winners Are!!!

I put the drawing box in the truck, came home, and never got it out, today I see it still in my truck, well, I finally did the drawing....what you guys gonna do with me? Anyway....the winners are:
William Gibson, Raeford 20.00
Sheryl Scott, Aberdeen 20.00
Linda Johnson, Fayetteville 25.00
Brenda Kellis, Raeford 25.00
Congrats!!!! Will mail them out this week.....I promise.
Took a couple pics today to share with you.

Friday, December 5

Friday Frenzy was a huge Success!!!!

Well, Friday Frenzy is over, we had a good turnout, had a steady flow of customers, all day. We are truly blessed to have such loyal customers, with the economy as it is, we are so lucky to have your support, and we want to thank each and every one of you. We will keep trying to have all the things you love and to bring you not just trendy things that will be tucked in the back of your closet next year, but things that you will keep in your home for years.
Thank you once again!

Another Bed Bench!!

Herb finished another bed bench, this one seems a little bigger than the others. It turned out nice.

Thursday, November 20

Snowguy and Gameboard

Dees Kitchen Gadget Wreath

I took a pic of one of Dee's kitchen gadget wreaths today that she made for a customer, seems she sells them as soon as she gets them made, can see why! They are really cool!!!

Tuesday, November 18

First Friday Frenzy!!!

First Friday Frenzy!
December 5, 2008
One Day Only

Mark your calendars, December 5, we will be having a First Friday Frenzy! We will have refreshments, drawings, and our usual sale, this will be one day only, Friday, and we will be open from 10-8.

Sunday, November 16

Noodle Board

Herb made a couple of noodle boards, I think he did a great job. What ya think?

Sunday, November 9

Red Shed Redo

I never did post a pic of the Red Shed, the picture just doesn't do it justice, but will post it anyway, we did the walls in Shutter Brown, and just stained the ceiling and painted the floor, but it really cozied it up, several have wanted to move in, anyway, if you haven't seen it in person, ya need to comesee!!!

Tuesday, November 4

Dee's Cheeseball

We had several people asking about Dee's Cheeseball, here is the recipe:
8 oz. chipped beef(chopped in blender), best if you use the kind that comes in the jar
2 -8 oz. cream cheese pkgs.
1/3 cup creamy Italian dressing
roll in chopped pecans
refrigerate one day before serving
serve with wheat crackers


Wednesday, October 29

We are getting ready!!!

Well, Dee, Herb and I are working hard to finish by Friday minute Dee looks at me and shakes her head, the next minute she says she thinks we will be ok, well, we have pulled it off 11 times, this will be our 12th open house, I think we will make it!!!!

Have to tell you something funny, the first open house we had, hardly anyone came, there were a few of the consignors there, and one of them, June Kemp, said she was going to put on a clown suit and stand in the road to make people pull in. Sure glad those days are behind us and we have found such wonderful prim friends and customers!!!! And of course as the years passed, we have grown and found more and more wonderful sources to bring to you, that first year was just a little sad!!!

Will be taking pics in a couple days to post, think you will be pleased, and wait until you see the "Red Shed", it has taken on a whole new look, you will love it!!!!!

This is what my truck looked like Monday.