Thursday, December 18

We finally got our tree up!!!

Thanks to my pal Wendy, in Missouri, I think I can post a pic of the boys on Santas lap, this is one of my favorites, where have the years gone?
Casey made this when he was just 4, that was 21 years ago.

Seems as we get older and with doing things for the shop, every year, getting our tree up gets later and later! I was beginning to wonder if we were gonna get it up this year! Well, yesterday was the day! We finally have our tree in our living room! Putting up the tree for me brings back so many memories, our tree is not a primitive tree, its more a family and friend tree, I have so many wonderful ornaments that friends have made and given me through the years, and lots that Chad and Casey made in preschool and in cub scouts, and then there are the ones of them taken with Santa, those are some of my favorites. When the boys were small we used to go to Lazarus, in Columbus, Ohio every year for them to see Santa and to see the wonderful window displays that Lazarus used to do, they were magical! We would have the boys picture taken on Santas lap, and they were made into ornaments, I tried to take a picture, but it kept glaring, not sure what I was doing wrong, will try again later. Anyway, we now have our tree, and everytime I walk by it, I smile, remembering when the boys were small.


Susan said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your home. It's beautiful! When Jimmy and I pull up to your shop I always wonder if your home is prim like your shop. Love the star tree topper...we have one just like it.
Wonder where we got it? Hope you have a great day,

Back in the Day said...

Glad you finally got your tree finished! That is one of those things that annoy me until I get it finished! Your home is beautiful with the beams and the baskets! LOVE IT!

Saltbox Farm said...

What a beautiful tree AddieGrace...and the old handmade ornies by the kids are the best. We still have our special tree with all of them too. When I no longer do the home tour thing for the shop, sooner than some think...I will then have my old tree back!

Jen said...

Thanks for the compliment, and of course my home is prim, can't imagine it anyway else....I love it.
We used one of those clip lights on our star this year and it really worked out great, before we always tried to squeeze some of the string lights up in the star, probably everyone has been doing it this way for years....we are slow, old and slow!!!!!

Jen said...

Thank you Back In The Day, our home is just "home", just comfy, nothing fancy about it at all!!!

Jen said...

Brunie Mae,
Every year when we put the tree up, I get all sentimental, looking at the things the boys made, and their old pictures.....I am just a sentimental ol ninny.
You ready for that 20 inches of white stuff?

Kimberly said...

Hey Mrs. Jen! I wanted to stop by and wish you and Mr. Herb a wonderful Christmas season. I hope your boys and their families will be here to enjoy it with you!! Maybe I will see you at the shop after the New Year!! :)

Jen said...

Hey there Kim!
This will be a fun Christmas for you and your family, the boys are at a fun age, enjoy every minute, before you know it, they are graduating and moving away. It happens way too fast!
Have a wonderful Christmas!!!
See ya soon!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Looks great! I know I have some ornies my son's made and plan to keep them for as long as they last too :) Love the old wood beam ceiling. I keep telling James I want to move into an old farmhouse but he doesn't like yard work so going to have to keep on him LOL


Jen said...

You will love them every year when you take them out and hang them on your tree with all the memories of those little hands that created them.