Monday, August 31

Pure And Simple

Just got in these calendars, and Oh My!!!! They are just wonderful! I think I may need to order some more, the most wonderful prim pictures you ever saw.

Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, August 27

Forgot the Turkey!

Forgot to post a pic of this wonderful turkey! Isn't he great?
Jen at Just Country!

Wanna See More Fall?

These are the most wonderful apple gourds, the color is just beautiful!
Is that a puddy kat?
Here is a witch holding a pumpkin.....cute!

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, August 22

Jill Petersens New Book

Jills new book, The Settlement will be out soon, if you want to preorder a copy let me know, I have a very few ordered and will order more if needed. Her last book was one of my favorites, if you like the log cabin look, then you will want one of her books
Let me know.
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, August 19

Few More Pics!

Well, I had to go back to the shop, been a long day, while I was there, I took a few more pics. Got a better shot of the one I posted earlier, that one just didn't do them justice. Got one of the Headless Man.....that brings back memories of slumber parties back in my high school days and the ghost stories we used to tell!
Jen at Just Country!

Fall, and I am Melting!

Took this pic so you could see the sconces we got, only have 3 of them.
This is a star bird bath or feeder, also got a few pumpkins and some bee skeps.

I just couldn't seem to get a good pic of this group, and they are so neat.

This witch kinda looks how I feel, and hey, probably look like her too!

I just love this guy, have one that stands and one that sits.
Here are some bread boxes I got, I brought some back last year and they flew out the door, so I got some more this year.
There are a few more things, no holds, first come, gets them.

Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, August 18

41 Years Ago Today!

Herb and I got married, in Wichita Falls, Texas. We were supposed to get married on August 17, but due to a shortage of funds, I flew standby and got bumped off my plane, so ended up, we got married on August 18, in the home of our landlady. I was just 18, had never flown before, and here I was, flying to another state, where the only person I knew would be Herb, scary to think of that now, but we were determined. Herb had bought a car, and it blew up on the way to the airport, so he had to get a ride, was not a problem, since I would be a day late. Oh, were we crazy or what? We didn't have two nickels to rub together, but we got along just fine. Hard for me to believe we have been married that long.
We just got home from Ohio last night, was there on a buying trip, course got to see my Mom, my sisters and my brother, my other brother was on vacation at Myrtle Beach, so never got to see him. We still don't have the trailer unloaded, worked on it a little today, still have highway
lag, so not moving so quick, will hit it hard tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics to share with you tomorrow night.
Till Tomorrow!

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, August 7

Wheelbarrows for Sale!

We have two real nice old metal wheelbarrows, with the old metal wheels, these would look wonderful with some straw, some pumpkins, a couple mums, and maybe tuck a crow in there, ahh.....I can just see it now....come get them tomorrow before I decide to keep them!! Flowers not included, they were a gift from a great customer/friend!
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, August 3

Ready for Fall?

We are getting ready for fall here at Just Country, we don't have everything in yet, but we are working in what we do have, Dee is doing her magic, one thing she did was take one of the birch wreaths with the leaves on it, put some gourds on it(sorry these are mine from home and not for sale), and a couple of our new sprigs we got in and its a beautiful centerpiece! And very prim looking too!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, August 2

Table Top Bench

Herb has been making some little table top benches, got this idea from my friend BrunieMae, anyway, one of our customers took a pic of how she used hers, and I see several things there she got from our shop, she has it decorated so nicely, thought I would share it with you, its kind of fun to see how our things are used in homes, brings a smile to my face.
It looks wonderful Libby, great job decorating! We have the BEST customers!
And you can click on the picture to make it bigger if you want to see it better, I love that option!
Jen at Just Country!