Tuesday, August 18

41 Years Ago Today!

Herb and I got married, in Wichita Falls, Texas. We were supposed to get married on August 17, but due to a shortage of funds, I flew standby and got bumped off my plane, so ended up, we got married on August 18, in the home of our landlady. I was just 18, had never flown before, and here I was, flying to another state, where the only person I knew would be Herb, scary to think of that now, but we were determined. Herb had bought a car, and it blew up on the way to the airport, so he had to get a ride, was not a problem, since I would be a day late. Oh, were we crazy or what? We didn't have two nickels to rub together, but we got along just fine. Hard for me to believe we have been married that long.
We just got home from Ohio last night, was there on a buying trip, course got to see my Mom, my sisters and my brother, my other brother was on vacation at Myrtle Beach, so never got to see him. We still don't have the trailer unloaded, worked on it a little today, still have highway
lag, so not moving so quick, will hit it hard tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics to share with you tomorrow night.
Till Tomorrow!

Jen at Just Country!


Farmhouse Primitives said...

Jen......Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you and Herb had a wonderful 41st!!

Sherrie said...

OHHH Boy, ya'll were madly in love and I must say VERY determined to get married!! Sweet love story! Happy Anniversary to our special friends!
Glad you are back safely with a trailor full of goodies and some sweet memories with your family!! Can't wait to see what you found. Rest good tonite! Hugs, Sherrie

Janice Hough said...

Hello Jen, Congrats. Glad you made it home. Will come by to see you sometime this week.Happy Anniversary. Janice-Amy Lynns Country Store

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Congrats on making it to 41 years!!! Can't wait until you post pictures!