Monday, November 30

Do you Believe in Orbs?

Was emailing with my friend, BrunieMae, in Michigan tonight and she sent me a pic of her new old fliptop table, (its really nice!), and told her I had a small one, so sent her a pic of mine, well she emailed me back and asked if I had seen the orb in the pic,? I went back to see and sure enough, there it was, and it almost looks like it has a face! We had been told this house was haunted, but we have never really experienced anything, and we have lived here for 16 years. Well, looking at that orb in the pic gave me goose bumps. What do you think?
Well, if we do have ghosts, they are good ones and they must like us, because they have never bothered us, and I am sure they are primitive lovers too!!!! I am sure they are happy we fixed up that old farm market and made it a "Country Store"!

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, November 28

Buggy Seat

Just wanted to share a pic of this wonderful red buggy seat we have at the shop. We sold the other one, so decided I needed to share a pic of this one. Its a wonderful red color!

Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick post to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving! The boys and Meredith are coming home and we will have tons to eat. We have so much to be thankful for.
We will be closed tomorrow and will open at 10 on Friday.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
Hope to see you soon!
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, November 20

Lots of Great Handmades Left!

Here is an Amish Buggy seat, we have on a farm table, in a nice red paint.

Look at his sweet little Granny, isn't she just great?
The details on this one are unbelieveable, with his button up vest, his wool coat and pants, not to mention the details to his face and beard, hes just awesome!

This is a dapper looking snowman with his red toboggan and his scarf, carrying his star, love his chubby belly!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, November 19

Dees Wreaths, Santa, and A Mailbox

Every year Dee does wonderful wreaths for the shop, she does Kitchen Gadget wreaths, One Horse Sleigh wreaths, and just all kinds, and all through the year, I pick up things, like old mailboxes, or oil cans, and she decorates them, just another of her many talents! Anyway, wanted to share some with you, for some reason, some of them look shiny and they are not shiny at all.
Also wanted to share the mailbox and a santa I really like.
Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, November 14

Heres Another Snowman!

Here is another cute snowman, he has the cutest hat.
We had a busy day in the shop today. We still have lots of snowmen, santas and trees, there is lots to choose from either for youself or for a gift for a friend.

Jen at Just Country!

Friday, November 13

Snowmen, Snowmen!!!

This one just tears at my heart, I only have two and one is going home with me tonight, I just love him, hes my buddy.

This guy has a mouse in his hand and is kept warm with his little jacket and scarf.

This one has skinny legs and in his pouch is a battery tealight!
This one done in red flannel, hes the Keeper of the Tree
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, November 11

Wow, what a DAY!

We have had some rain, rain and more rain today, and with it, lots of wind! Kinda makes me a little bit nervous with the rain, wind and those big ol shallow rooted pines next to the house.
I took some pics at the shop today and was going to do a slideshow, worked and worked on it, then was trying to figure out how to get it on my blog and hit save, and guess guessed it, it didn't save it, I was so mad!!!! I am not very tekky at all, I am surprised I was able to do this blog. Bear with me.
Also, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU, to all our Veterans!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, November 8

Christmas Open House 2009

Parking is never a problem!
Is that Brenda and Cynthia in the Buttery?

Libby and Lisa Josh and Herbie
Theres Sherrie Theres Benny!

Heres Mike and Camille in the Red Shed

Gail and Bridgette

Joyce, Dee, Denise, and Me... Shoppers!
Christmas Open House 2009 is now history. We want to thank you, all our wonderful customers that came from near and far, we APPRECIATE all of you! Your the BOMB, as my friend, Cynthia says!!! I think it was the best one ever! Hope you did too.
The winners of the $25.00 door prize certificates, are:
Ronnie Wilson, Raeford aka "Bug"
Chris Redifer, Supply, NC
Nancy Peters, Raeford, NC
Sherrie Hinson, Mullins, SC

Saturday, November 7


Here are a few shots of the buttery we just added to the shop.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, November 6

Couple More Shots!

Jen at Just Country!

Whew....almost ready!

Here are a few shots, there are santas and snowmen everywhere! Don't you love Dee's checkerboards? We have lots of trees, wreaths.....we are overflowing with wonderful handmades this year.
We are having a sale in the tent, lots of items marked way down. And of course the Red Shed will be open and its really lookin good. We will have 4 registers running, two in the tent and Denise and I in the shop.
After Open House we will be open everyday, until Christmas Eve, with the exception of Thanksgiving, of course.
Hope you can come see us this weekend, tomorrow 10-5 and Sunday, 1-5!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, November 5

Just a Peek!

Ah come on, you didn't think I would show you too much, did ya?
Just another day.....
we have more this year than ever before!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, November 4

Onion Bottles

We just got in some onion bottles, these are of course reproductions, but they sure are pretty, and hand blown, pretty green color. The original onion bottles date from the 1700's, and are hard to find. They were used to hold wine. Look nice mixed in with your primitives.
The shop is coming along, we are getting there, still alot to do. But we will be ready for you on Saturday with lots of wonderful primitives, both old and new, that you have not seen before, I don't think you will be disappointed.
After Open House, we will be open every day, with the exception of Thanksgiving, until Christmas Eve.
Jen at Just Country!