Wednesday, November 4

Onion Bottles

We just got in some onion bottles, these are of course reproductions, but they sure are pretty, and hand blown, pretty green color. The original onion bottles date from the 1700's, and are hard to find. They were used to hold wine. Look nice mixed in with your primitives.
The shop is coming along, we are getting there, still alot to do. But we will be ready for you on Saturday with lots of wonderful primitives, both old and new, that you have not seen before, I don't think you will be disappointed.
After Open House, we will be open every day, with the exception of Thanksgiving, until Christmas Eve.
Jen at Just Country!


Sherrie said...

Glad you are almost there Jen. I know you are tired but it will all be worth it on Saturday and Sunday. Get some rest.
Hugs, Sherrie

Jen said...

Thanks Sherrie....Dees really been working hard too, been along week.