Sunday, November 8

Christmas Open House 2009

Parking is never a problem!
Is that Brenda and Cynthia in the Buttery?

Libby and Lisa Josh and Herbie
Theres Sherrie Theres Benny!

Heres Mike and Camille in the Red Shed

Gail and Bridgette

Joyce, Dee, Denise, and Me... Shoppers!
Christmas Open House 2009 is now history. We want to thank you, all our wonderful customers that came from near and far, we APPRECIATE all of you! Your the BOMB, as my friend, Cynthia says!!! I think it was the best one ever! Hope you did too.
The winners of the $25.00 door prize certificates, are:
Ronnie Wilson, Raeford aka "Bug"
Chris Redifer, Supply, NC
Nancy Peters, Raeford, NC
Sherrie Hinson, Mullins, SC


Sherrie said...

OHHH MY!! I can't believe I won a door prize. Ernie won one year but I usually never win anything, I am so excited. It was a fun, fun afternoon visiting with new and 'ole friends, not to mention all the goodies I got! Thanks to you all for your dedication and hard made for a wonderful Open House!!
Hugs, Sherrie

Jen said...

You sure did GF!!!! Was good to see you today, we were worried about where our SC gal was!

Anonymous said...
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