Thursday, November 19

Dees Wreaths, Santa, and A Mailbox

Every year Dee does wonderful wreaths for the shop, she does Kitchen Gadget wreaths, One Horse Sleigh wreaths, and just all kinds, and all through the year, I pick up things, like old mailboxes, or oil cans, and she decorates them, just another of her many talents! Anyway, wanted to share some with you, for some reason, some of them look shiny and they are not shiny at all.
Also wanted to share the mailbox and a santa I really like.
Jen at Just Country!


Cherry said...

Dee is indeed talented. She makes those old things look good.I love all the wreaths and the mailbox. The way the greenery comes out is interesting.She is an inspiration.

Jen said...

The wreaths look so much better in person, I am not very good with that camera.

Lisa said...

What a cute Santa and I absolutely love the wreaths. Very prim perfect!! Thanks for sharing.

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I love wreaths and Dee sure is talented. I love everything. Thanks for sharing!!

God Bless friend,