Monday, February 22

Ugly Cupboard/After

Just got Ugly into the shop, minus the fru fru and the flowers, what ya think? Took a couple other shots while I had my camera, took a better pic of the stepback, and some pics of some Billy Jacobs prints we just got in.
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, February 17

Stepback Cupboard

We just got this stepback cupboard in the shop last week. The finish on it may be original, I am not sure, its been on it for quite awhile, if its not original! I LIKE it alot, but then, I am a cupboard freak!

Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, February 16

Simple Life is Here!

We were on the road today and when we got home there were several boxes on our porch and one of them held Jill Petersens new magazines, The Simple Life. Can't wait to sit down with one of them this evening! What a nice break from winter blahs!

Jen at Just Country!

Saturday, February 13

Just What Ya Want to See!!!

I know your all sick of this white stuff, but we don't get it often(even though its more than I want it), anyway, took a picture. It looks so pretty on the trees. The highway is clear, so yes, we will be open, hope you can make it!
Jen at Just Country!

Thursday, February 11

New Handdids!

We got some new handdids in today I want to share with you. These are wonderful, come in and see!
Jen at Just Country!

Ugly Cupboard

We were out looking for things for the shop and Herb told me to come look at this cupboard, he could see it had good bones. Someone had worked hard painting all those flowers on there and painting it all those colors, and adding all that trim. Its an old piece, a BIG old piece. We knew we could bring it back to its former simplicity, so that is what Herb has been working on this week, I have been working on some chairs, a small cupboard, a shelf, and redoing some little boxes that were kinda blah....anyway, this is the "before", will be posting the "after" in a few days. Sometimes you need to rescue these pieces, kinda like a sad stray little puppy.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, February 8

Just Got Home!

Well, just got in a bit ago, been to Pa, and while we were there, we got SNOW! According to USA Today, Philly got 28.5 inches! It says it was the second largest snowfall ever recorded in Philadelphia! We were there for a market to buy for the shop and everything went on as usual, they did a Fantastic job getting us to and from the show. I met my bestest buddies there, BrunieMae from Saltbox Farm in Michigan and Cherry from Gatherings for the Home in Texas. We had a nice time and had some good ole giggle sessions! But I must say, its sure nice to be back home!
Jen at Just Country!