Saturday, February 13

Just What Ya Want to See!!!

I know your all sick of this white stuff, but we don't get it often(even though its more than I want it), anyway, took a picture. It looks so pretty on the trees. The highway is clear, so yes, we will be open, hope you can make it!
Jen at Just Country!


Sherrie said...

Everything looks so beautiful!! it looks like a winter wonderland. We also got snow in S.C. And we really enjoyed it while it lasted....melted so fast.
Happy Valentine's Day!! Sherrie

Jen said...

Ours is pretty much all gone too Sherrie, which is fine with me, thats the kind of snow I like.

Saltbox Farm said...

Oh gosh Addie, it does look beautiful...even though I see it every day here, it looks extra special there!