Thursday, February 11

Ugly Cupboard

We were out looking for things for the shop and Herb told me to come look at this cupboard, he could see it had good bones. Someone had worked hard painting all those flowers on there and painting it all those colors, and adding all that trim. Its an old piece, a BIG old piece. We knew we could bring it back to its former simplicity, so that is what Herb has been working on this week, I have been working on some chairs, a small cupboard, a shelf, and redoing some little boxes that were kinda blah....anyway, this is the "before", will be posting the "after" in a few days. Sometimes you need to rescue these pieces, kinda like a sad stray little puppy.
Jen at Just Country!


Lisa said...

WOW - I love that cupboard...ok, well not the way that it looks right now, but boy oh boy does it have GREAT prim potential. I can see why you grabbed that one up. Can't wait to see the after pictures. I am sure it will be amazing!!

Prim Blessings,

Sheila said...

Great find! Will be looking for the re-do results.
Stay safe and warm.

Sherrie said...

oh, it will be prim-perfect when you 2 get finished with it!!! Amazing to see what people do to ole pieces. have a good day!
Hugs, Sherrie

~Leslie Lemke~ said...

Funny that you posted about a I had coffee with a dear friend of mine who is moving and she was downsizing on some furniture and she asked me to take a look at an old cupboard that she was going to sell...OMG I love it and brought it home with me today...I am going to post some pictures of it soon...I too may repaint it but it is going into my craft room and the potential is so there for lots of reasons!
have fun!

Kay said...

I am sure the cupboard is doing a happy dance that Herb is taking the ugly off of it. Can't wait to see it finished. :)

LeeHillPrimitives said...

NIce piece! Can't wait to see the after pictures, it will looks amazing.

Mary said...

Oh my! I love that cupboard. I bet it will be super sharp when it's done.

Willow Ridge Primitives