Tuesday, June 26

Simple Life Special Edition Has Arrived!

We just got home and the new special edition of A Simple Life was on the porch.  Our friends from Asheboro,Joyce and Gary Fields,  home is featured and on the cover,   This magazine is one of my favorites.
Jen at Just Country!

Sunday, June 24

Could This be the Year for the Tallow Berries?

It was back in 2003, when some of my primitive friends and customers decided we should have a Gathering, and they invited Jimsey and I to tour their homes, what a fun day that was, we  had a blast.  The homes were all wonderful.  When we toured Lisa's home, she had a tallow berry tree, and there were seedlings all around it, so she dug Jimsey and I up one, here it is 9 years later.  We have gotten a few off it the last couple years but we are hoping this year, we will have even more.   They are usually ready to cut around November.
 Here is a close up.  See the wormy looking things?
 And here we are, remember this was 9 years ago, we have changed somewhat through the years, I am sure you recognize some of the faces from open houses.
Thats me in the front left, then Libby Fisher, Cynthia George, back row from left is Lisa Stanley, Jimsey Johnson, and Lonese Powell.
Ok, I need to add that my very good friend Barb Pyatt was with us that day, and it seems shes the one that took the picture, I am sorry Barb, we love you!!!!
Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, June 19

Red, White and Blue...

 Not done in red, white and blue, but this table looks really neat with the cabin and the red linens.

Jen at Just Country!

We really have the best customers....

We appreciate all our customers, many travel hours to get to the shop, and it really makes our hearts smile to know they love our shop enough to travel hours to get there.  So many have become like family to us, I must say, we are truly blessed.
Mike and Camille come with treats for Benny, treats for Tiger and treats for us, plus they brought me the plants in the picture below.

Last week two of my ladies from Seven Lakes came, and Ruth brought me this, not sure what it was in its other life, but now its a beautiful planter on my fence.
I love my job and all my wonderful customers!
Jen at Just Country!

Wednesday, June 6

Church Pew And New Judy Condon Book!

 We just got this Church Pew finished, its black over red.
Also just got the new Judy Condon book in today, The Place We Call Home.
Jen at Just Country!

Monday, June 4

More New Oldies....

 We got this nice red settle bench, we don't seem to find these very often and when we do, they fly out the door. SOLD!!!!
 We found another dry sink, this one has a flip up top, we haven't had one like this one before, the corners of the top are dovetailed, I don't know why, but I love dovetailing, just to know they put that extra work into it, and the knobs turn to lock the doors, just a nice old piece from Pa.

We have had several people in looking for wire egg baskets, we have some of them and also we have found some more wooden ladders.
Jen at Just Country!

Friday, June 1

New Old Items...

 This chest is made from poplar and its been grain painted, the sides are one board and are 20 inch wide boards.  Nice early piece, looks almost like a grain bin, but its too clean for that, most likely it was a blanket chest.
This bench is a big one, its 87 inches long, over 7 ft, we were told it was from an estate in Pa.
Jen at Just Country!