Tuesday, June 19

We really have the best customers....

We appreciate all our customers, many travel hours to get to the shop, and it really makes our hearts smile to know they love our shop enough to travel hours to get there.  So many have become like family to us, I must say, we are truly blessed.
Mike and Camille come with treats for Benny, treats for Tiger and treats for us, plus they brought me the plants in the picture below.

Last week two of my ladies from Seven Lakes came, and Ruth brought me this, not sure what it was in its other life, but now its a beautiful planter on my fence.
I love my job and all my wonderful customers!
Jen at Just Country!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo nice!! Cool flower display!


Barbara said...

You 'lucky duck'! Of course they bring you those goodies because they love you (and Herbie) too! Everything looks so pretty with all the flowers...Bet everyone will be anxious to be there for your Customer Appreciation in July... Love ya, Jen!

Cynthia said...

Jenny and Barbara,
Yes, we are anxious of what will be at the shop on Customer Appreciation Day. Would be great to see you there also!!!!


Cynthia said...

Jenny and Barabara,
Yes, we are anxious as to what pretty things will be in the shop on Customer Appreciation Day.

Would love to see you that day also!!!!