Saturday, June 20

Whats New at the Shop?

We found this jug that had been made into a lamp at one time,so Herb rewired it, its really neat!
Hard for me not to want to keep this one!
Uncle Sam made from old bowling pins, the faces are hand done with paper mache, these are done right here, in the Ashley Heights area.
The littlest old schooldesk, this one is kindergarten size, so cute!!! Don't see this size!

An early cradle, dovetailed corners, really nice!

Jen at Just Country!

Tuesday, June 16

Welcome Home - Simply Country

The new Judy Condon book is shipping out starting today, so hopefully we will have them later in the week. This one is the first book using the new 'house tour' format! Each house will have its own chapter. You'll see gardens, potting sheds, barns and the inside and outside of homes. Welcome Home - Simply Country has approximately 300 color photographs and 144 pages. The 12 I ordered were all spoken for, so I bumped my order up to 20, so others will have a chance to get one too. These are 24.95 each. I always get excited when these arrive, I love a good decorating book!!!

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!!

Yesterday Dee worked and look what she did with one of our farm tables, really looks nice, huh? Do you have your table decorations for the 4th?
Just a reminder, we will be closed this Sunday, Fathers Day.

Monday, June 15

What a Sweet Post and Friend!

I got to meet a friend in person that I have talked to on the computer for several years, and she was even sweeter in person, she did a post on her blog about her visit, if you would like to take a peek, she also has a website that you need to check out, , she will be selling lots of goodies from her website, so keep an eye on it.

Friday, June 12

New Mercantile Gathering Magazine!

We got the new Mercantile Gathering Magazine in today, this is the Summer 2009 issue, I got to look at it a little bit and its another good one, I love to read the stories written by Twigs.

Thursday, June 11


Took a couple pics of the flowerbed today, the lavender is ready to cut, but the bees think its theirs! The butterfly bushes are huge, you can see one of them behind gardengal, and the lantana is really drawing in the butterflies!
There are tons of them like the small one in the top picture.

Wednesday, June 10

Buttery, I am working on at Home.

I have been working on a buttery in my laundry room at home, its still in the works, I know the electric lantern really doesn't fit in there(neither does the pencil sharpener on the wall)this is at home in my laundry room, on the other side of the room is a fridge and washer and dryer.....ugh! Gotta have it, ya know? This is my collection, sorry, these are not for sale.


Was looking at the mantel at the shop the other day and decided it needed to be redone and this is what I came up with, I just love that mantel, the wood is so pretty! The mantel isn't for sale (sorry)but everything else is.

Saturday, June 6

Rowe Pottery

When we were out rambling this week we found a couple pieces of Rowe Pottery, so if any of you Rowe Pottery Collectors are interested, come see us, the crock seems to be marked 1983, as best as these old eyes can tell! BOTH PIECES ARE SOLD.

Thursday, June 4

Whew, lots of things came in today!

Table squares and throws from Family Heirloom, signs, and candles from 3 different companies, birdhouses and lighted houses, was a day of pricing and stocking for sure! Lots of stuff!

Wild Turkey

You may need to click on this to see this wild turkey in our yard this morning, that is our "hunter" Ben going after it, he had been hunkering down and trying to sneak up on it, got the picture just as he went after it, of course the turkey made its escape.